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Best MW2 Fennec 45 loadout

The MW2 Fennec 45 is a popular SMG despite being a tricky one to master, but with the right loadout, you can have this gun running like a dream

Best Modern Warfare 2 Fennec 45 loadout attachments: The Fennec 45 base gun

The best MW2 Fennec 45 loadout focuses on improving its weak points – specifically mobility, handling, and damage. While other SMGs feature superior range, accuracy, and recoil control to the Fennec 45, we’ve got the right attachments to turn this SMG into a serious competitor.

Boasting one of the fastest fire rates in one of the best PC games of 2022, the Fennec 45 can take enemies down quickly in almost any Modern Warfare 2 game mode. As such, this SMG is an ideal weapon for close-combat areas in the Modern Warfare 2 6v6 maps, especially with a loadout to improve accuracy and damage. With all of the upgrades we’ve made to the Fennec 45, it’s undeniably the best Modern Warfare 2 SMG right now.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Fennec 45 attachments

The best Fennec 45 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 is:

  • Magazine: Fennec Mag 45
  • Muzzle: Bruen Pendulum
  • Underbarrel: Phase-3 Grip
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7mw
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot

First and foremost, you definitely want to add the Fennec Mag 45 to this build, as the SMG’s high fire rate means it goes through bullets like Price presumably goes through beard oil. Once you’ve increased your mag size, opt for the Bruen Pendulum muzzle which improves the weapon’s recoil control, making more of those bullets count. For the underbarrel, we’ve gone for the Phase-3 Grip, which massively improves the Fennec’s stability, complementing the muzzle’s recoil control upgrades.

Finally, again improving accuracy, add an optic and laser. Specifically, the VLK LZR 7mw laser and the Cronen Mini Red Dot optic. As well as helping you find your mark, the laser improves the ADS speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, while the Cronen Mini Red Dot improves vision clarity – though the latter could be switched out easily if you prefer an alternative optic.

So that’s the best MW2 Fennec 45 loadout, turning it into a short to medium range killing machine in small multiplayer maps. You might also want to think carefully about which Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks and perks you use alongside the Fennec 45 – we recommend the Scavenger perk, so you’ve always got ammo ready to fill that mag back up with.