Where to find all of the Ghost Team targets in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the Practice Makes Perfect achievement in Modern Warfare 2, you'll have to know where to find all the targets in Ghost team, so here's where they are

Knowing where to find all of the Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Team targets will help you unlock the Practice Makes Perfect achievement, but hitting every target in the practice area isn’t as easy as it may seem, mainly because the campaign mission takes a turn. Suddenly there’s a tank hell-bent on taking you down.

There are 33 targets littered around the practice area in this FPS game, reminiscent of the tutorial mission S.S.D.D from the original Modern Warfare 2. These are wooden cutouts of enemy soldiers, and when you hit them with either a weapon or a melee attack, they ping and fall over. Here’s how to find all the ghost team targets and unlock the Practice Makes Perfect Modern Warfare 2 achievement.

Modern Warfare Ghost Team targets: a soldier aims a good at a stationary wooden silhouette.

Ghost Team target locations

You must find and topple all 33 of these targets in the practice area to unlock the Practice Makes Perfect achievement, and while most of the cutouts are easy to find, some require a bit of an eagle eye as they’re usually hiding between vehicles and rooftops.

As you begin the boss battle, make your way clockwise around the arena. The first four targets are clearly visible around the destroyed cars, and another is on top of a metal container. Then, carrying on around the edge of the practice area, there is a target outside of a metal container, with another perched next to a wooden barricade.

Again, proceeding clockwise around the edge, you’ll see two more targets inside and on top of a series of cement blocks, with an additional target just outside of the wooden shotgun range at the back of the arena.

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Team targets: a soldier discovers two stationary targets inside a training facility

Once you’ve cleared the edge of the map, it’s time to explore the four buildings in the practice arena’s centre. Each building houses multiple targets, which you can locate just outside the walls, on the ground floor, or on the roof. The first three buildings, again going clockwise around the arena, house five targets, with the final building containing eight.

The key here is to be as methodical as possible, as the targets are easy to miss, especially when you’re taking a peppering from the tank. Even on the easiest difficulty, it can kill you in a few hits, so take your time and sweep the outside edges thoroughly before tackling each building individually.

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