How to get the Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo

The Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo is unlocked per weapon, and if you want to essentially complete multiplayer, getting this will be your main goal

Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo: Three soldiers running through a river

The Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo is one of two new mastery camos introduced with the new game in the series. Alongside the Orion camo, Polyatomic is what you’ll need to kit your weapons out with the best looking skins in the game, and on your way to earning Orion, you’ll need to unlock Polyatomic on more than just a few weapons.

Modern Warfare 2 has revamped camo challenges compared to previous games in the series. It’s much easier to earn Gold and Platinum camos on guns now, and while there’s still a lot of grinding to do in order to earn Polyatomic, the method of doing so has completely changed. Here’s what you need to know about unlocking the Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo.

Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo

Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo unlock details

Before you can even think about unlocking Polyatomic on your weapon of choice, you need to ensure you’ve unlocked both Gold and Platinum camos. Gold becomes available as soon as you’ve completed all four of the base camo challenges for a particular weapon, and one additional gold camo challenge, none of which are particularly difficult or strenuous.

Platinum is then unlocked by obtaining Gold camo on all weapons in a category. For example, if you want platinum camo on your M4, you’ll only need to have unlocked gold on eight assault rifles. We say eight, because you’ll only ever be expected to complete the number of challenges needed at launch. If any more assault rifles are added to the game, you’ll still only need to complete the challenges on eight to keep it fair.

Here’s the difficult bit. To earn the polyatomic camo, you must first unlock Platinum camo on a total of 51 weapons, again, since there are 51 guns in the game on launch. Then, to unlock polyatomic on each individual weapon, you must complete another weapon-specific challenge. For example, for each gun, you must get 25 headshots with that gun. For the combat knife, 20 kills from behind.

That’s everything on the Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo. While you’re grinding, make sure you understand how the Gunsmith system works in this game, along with the prestige mechanics, because they’re both slightly different to last time out.