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Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges explained

Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges work slightly differently compared to previous Call of Duty games, so we’ve got the lowdown on how they work

Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges: Ghost firing a red assault rifle

Completing all of the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges will be the ultimate test for anyone playing the latest Call of Duty game. The goal is to unlock all of the Modern Warfare 2 mastery camos, but along the way, you can nab yourself a bunch of other weapon camos that will kit your gun out nicely in the FPS game.

What are the changes to the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges compared to previous games? It’s immediately apparent that it’s much easier to unlock mastery camos this time, so you shouldn’t have to painstakingly grind out hundreds of kills in particular scenarios in the multiplayer game. You also don’t have to unlock the majority of camos this time around in order to earn those top-tier designs for the best Modern Warfare 2 guns. But if you want to, here’s everything you need to know about all of the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges.

Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges

Mastery camo challenges

We go into a bit more detail in our full Modern Warfare 2 mastery camo guide, but essentially, each base weapon now has just eight mastery camos – four base masteries, and four completionist camos. The first is available as soon as you unlock the weapon and involves a certain number of kills with that weapon, no bells and whistles attached. After that, as you level the weapon up with the Gunsmith system, you’ll unlock another three base camo challenges. Once those are complete, you can start unlocking those all-important completionist camos: gold, platinum, polyatomic, and orion.

All of this does come with the caveat that different weapons will have different challenges, but essentially, they’re all pretty much the same sort of thing, and – once unlocked – you can see exactly what you need to do in the customisation menu.

Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges: the neon loud camo unlock challenge

Other camo challenges

There are then a bunch of other fun came designs you can unlock for every weapon, by completing challenges on specific guns. For example, if you’re particularly hot on the Lachman-556 and get it to level 19, you’ll unlock the Cthulhu skull camo for every weapon. Similarly, if you want all your guns to be a solid neon green (or Neon Loud, as it’s called in game), just get your FSS Hurricane to level 14. Though we think this one might give you away in battle.

These challenges don’t need to be completed in order to earn those mastery camos, though, and are just for fun. You can probably unlock them without even trying, too, as long as you play with a variety of guns and don’t just stick to the same loadout.

Once you’ve unlocked these stylish skins, no doubt you’ll want to show them off to your friends, perhaps in one of the Spec Ops missions. Or even take them in yourself when you inspect a weapon in Modern Warfare 2 – just make sure you’re not on anyone’s sights, first.