MW2 raid code and how to solve the Atomgrad number puzzle

The MW2 raid code is required to beat the Atomgrad raid, but solving this number puzzle isn’t an easy task unless you have the solution

Modern Warfare 2 raid code: Three players climbing stairs in the raid

The MW2 raid code is required during the first raid, Atomgrad. The three-player cooperative experience in Modern Warfare 2 continues from where the campaign left off, but you’ll need to grab some pals before hopping in, because there’s no matchmaking available here. Much like raids in other games, there are puzzles involved, and the Atomgrad raid code is necessary to progress.

Once you’ve obtained an assignment for the first of many Modern Warfare 2 raids, you can jump into Atomgrad. Progress through the raid in one of the best FPS games this year, listening to the characters telling you which enemies to take out and when in a stealth section, before you reach a huge metal gate. This is where the Modern Warfare 2 raid code comes into play.

How to solve the MW2 raid code puzzle

It’s not as simple as giving the same code for everyone who plays the Atomgrad raid, because it requires teamwork and coordination between the three players in-game. However, we can explain how to solve it. You’ll know you’re at the right place when your objective is to locate Echo team and open the submarine doors.

The first thing you need to do is allocate one player to go through the metal shutter. Have one player hold it open while another goes through – make sure you keep two players in the starting room.

Modern Warfare 2 raid code: The symbols and numbers on the wall of Control Room B2

We’d recommend grabbing a notepad and pen to note things down here, as it can get complicated. The player who goes through to the second room will encounter some surveillance cameras. Flick through the cameras until you find Control Room B2, and you’ll see three Cyrillic symbols on a wall, with three numbers below them.

Now, the two players in the starting room will also have some surveillance cameras. Have one player cycle through these until you find Control Room A2, and you’ll see the same style of wall, with different symbols and numbers.

Finally, the third player will have a red terminal in the corner of the room. This will display three of the Cyrillic symbols. Communicate with your teammates to identify which of the symbols on the red terminal correspond to the symbols on the walls. Enter the corresponding numbers into the machine found in the same room as the terminal.

Modern Warfare 2 raid code: The red terminal displaying the cyrillic characters

The fun doesn’t stop there. You now need to enter /another/ code that follows the same rules, but it needs to be entered by a different player, because it requires a different fingerprint. It’s also slightly more complex now, because there are four symbols on the terminal, but one of them is a red herring. Find which three of the four symbols exist across the two cameras and enter them into the machine.

Finally, you need to do the same again, but five symbols will be displayed on the terminal. There’ll still only be three matching ones via the surveillance cameras though, so have the third player who hasn’t entered any codes yet interact with the machine, while the other two hop on the cameras and relay the information.

When you’ve entered all three codes successfully, voila! The silo doors will open and you can carry on with the rest of the raid in one of the best PC games of 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 raid code: Aiming down the sights at the puzzle in the red room

Second MW2 raid code puzzle solution

Unfortunately, you’re not done with the raid codes in Atomgrad just yet. Further on in the raid, you’ll face what is essentially the same puzzle, but this time you’ll be in the rooms themselves rather than via surveillance cameras.

Make sure one player stays in the room with the terminal, while the other two head to the rooms with the codes displayed on the wall. Just like before, the symbols and numbers need to match, so the player with the terminal can enter them.

There’s a catch here though – the players in the two rooms with the codes will have to defend themselves from enemies constantly, and you’re also under pressure from a time limit. If you fail to enter a code correctly though, or don’t enter it within the time limit, the current code will reset and you’ll need to start again. This is only from the code you were on though, rather than having to start the entire sequence again. Enter all three codes and you’ll finally have finished all the puzzles the first Modern Warfare 2 raid has to throw at you.

When you’re done, if you haven’t finished all of the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions, you’ll want to jump on that as soon as possible.