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Best AMR9 loadout and class setup for Warzone and MW3

This lightweight and versatile SMG is perfect for close encounters, here are the best Warzone and MW3 AMR9 loadouts and class setup.

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What is the best AMR9 loadout? The AMR9 is a lightweight and versatile SMG that can be customized in various ways to suit your playstyle, whether that’s improving the gun’s range or adding extra firepower so it operates more like an AR.

The AMR9 gives the MW3 Striker loadout a run for its money to be the best SMG in MW3. We’ve decided to steer into the AMR9’s strengths of being mobile and snappy, as well as being pretty fun to use, so have gone for a class setup and loadout to improve its mobility even further. Here’s our preferred AMR9 loadout.

Best AMR9 loadout: a small, black gun with a long thin barrel and drum magazine.

Best Warzone AMR9 loadout

  • Muzzle: SA Schalldampfer 99
  • Barrel: AMR9 Enforcer Long Barrel
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag

We’ve configured our AMR9 loadout to be the perfect accompaniment to the best Warzone sniper rifles. A mix between an assault rifle and SMG, this AMR9 can engage in the mid-range with the SA Schalldampfer 99 and AMR9 Enforcer Long Barrel extending the gun’s effective distance, and the Sakin ZX Grip helping control the recoil. The 50 Round Mag will help keep you in the fight for longer without having to reload as often.

A detailed look at the best MW3 AMR9 loadout

Best Modern Warfare 3 AMR9 loadout

  • Barrel: Commando Pro Barrel
  • Stock: Demo D50 Buffer Tube
  • Underbarrel: Chewk Angled Grip
  • Optic: Slimeline Pro
  • Laser: Sapphire Cylindrical Laser

For this Modern Warfare 3 loadout, we aim to use the AMR9 in close combat and want to improve mobility and ADS speed. The Demo D50 Buffer Tube increases sprint to fire, ADS speed, aim walking speed, hipfire, and tac stance speed, drastically helping mobility.

While the Demo D50 Buffer Tube attachment does hurt gun kick control, we’ve included the Chewk Angled Grip to help counter this by benefiting horizontal recoil, aim walking speed, aim idle sway, and gun kick control.

The Commando Pro Barrel further helps ADS and sprint to fire speed, also improving movement and sprint speed. Though this attachment impacts aiming idle sway, fire aiming stability, and recoil control – the Chewk Angled Grip, plus the close-range style of the gun – should negate any negative effects.

You can choose whatever optic you prefer, but the Sapphire Cylindrical Laser increases ADS speed and hip accuracy while jumping, as well as sprint-to-fire speed.

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Best MW3 AMR9 perks and equipment

  • Lethal: Breacher Drone
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
  • Vest: Overkill Vest
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Gear: Tactical Pads

For your Lethal you can go with whatever feels comfortable, but we’d suggest either the Breacher Drone or Semtex. The Flash Grenade is the ideal choice for this loadout, blinding enemies nearby.

We’ve paired the souped-up AMR9 with the Tactical Pads to assist with sliding and overall better transition speeds. If you thought the AMR9 was fast, these pads will make you a nightmare to deal with on the battlefield.

How to unlock the AMR9 in Modern Warfare 3

You need to reach level 55 in order to unlock the AMR9 in MW3. This is the last player rank, so you’ll need to earn a lot of XP by completing challenges and getting kills in multiplayer matches.

Our best MW3 AMR9 loadout and class setup can help you plan your attack now that the Modern Warfare 3 release date is here. Be sure to check out MW3 maps and all the best MW3 loadouts, too.