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All MW3 beta rewards and how to claim

If you aren’t already excited enough for the Call of Duty MW3 beta, let these skins, charms, and more Modern Warfare 3 open beta rewards get you pumped.

The MW3 beat Tester operator skin holds a red gun, both are MW3 beta rewards.

What are the MW3 beta rewards? Every year, a new Call of Duty game is one of the most exciting entries in the gaming calendar, and with Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon in 2023, it’s as good as any other. For us PC players, the time has come for that first taste of blood in the series’ latest multiplayer entry as the beta opens up for all. To thank us for participating (like we need encouragement), Sledgehammer is giving out some pretty awesome Modern Warfare 3 open beta rewards to show off in the full game.

We play Call of Duty because we love it, right? But let’s be honest, whatever the game and however deep our love for it, we could still always use a free cosmetic item here or there to keep us going. There are eight epic items up for grabs ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 release date, and we’ve got them all listed here, as well as how to claim them during the MW3 beta. And they’re worth getting, as some of these Modern Warfare 3 weapon blueprints might turn out to be among the best MW3 guns you could want.

All eight MW3 beta rewards displayed in an official Call of Duty infographic.

All Modern Warfare 3 beta rewards

The Modern Warfare 3 beta rewards include weapon stickers, a weapon blueprint, and even an exclusive Operator skin. These rewards can be unlocked by reaching specific levels during the open beta weekend, and can be found on your account when the full MW3 release date arrives.

Naturally, our favorite item is the Tester operator skin, which you can see in the header image above. This red crash test dummy is the epitome of throwing yourself into the action during the beta – we just hope we can withstand the test like he can. Other rewards include a weapon blueprint for what looks to be an assault rifle. Weapon blueprints provide some of the best weapon loadouts, skinned up with exclusive vinyls, so the Beta Ripper could be a game-changer.

For those already deep into the current season of Modern Warfare 2, there are even some battle pass tokens up for grabs for playing the beta. Earn one battle pass token for each day you play the beta, which could be up to six for those with early access. Playing just one match per day is enough to trigger the reward in MW2 once the beta concludes.

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How to earn MW3 beta rewards

All eight Modern Warfare 3 beta rewards can be claimed by reaching level 30 during the beta weekend, so make sure you put the time in, perfect your loadouts, and get those kills to ensure you can show off your prowess when the full game arrives. Here are all the MW3 beta rewards and the level at which each is rewarded:

  • Level 2 – Appetite: Whet animated emblem
  • Level 7 – Operation Beta weapon charm
  • Level 9 – Beta Tester animated calling card
  • Level 11 – MWIII Beta sticker
  • Level 15 – Did the Beta vinyl
  • Level 20 – Beta Ripper weapon blueprint
  • Level 24 – Beta Proof sticker
  • Level 30 – Tester operator skin

Simply reach level 30 on the same Bnet account you will play MW3 on after the release date, and the items will be waiting for you in-game. Don’t worry if you don’t make it to level 30 in time, as you still receive any rewards you have reached – for example, if you reach level 9 during the beta, you’ll still unlock the emblem, weapon charm, and calling card.

So there’s loads of great gear to pick up with these Modern Warfare 3 beta rewards, which is already getting us in the spirit of things ahead of the release date. There’s still plenty of time to get yourself ahead of the game, as the new MW3 carry forward mechanic allows you to bring guns, operators, and more from the last game into Modern Warfare 3, so make the most of Modern Warfare 2 season 6 and get everything leveled up and ready to go.