All Modern Warfare 3 campaign rewards

There are plenty of MW3 campaign rewards for those players who box off the latest story in the FPS series, and here’s what they are.

MW3 campaign rewards: a female soldier fiddles with a device amidst a gunfight.

What are the MW3 campaign rewards? Turns out, as well as a potentially thrilling story, and what is likely to be excellent gunplay, you also get a heap of rewards for completing the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Rewards that you can take into the multiplayer mode to show off your single-player prowess.

With the MW3 release date right around the corner, and players already dialing in the correct MW3 release time, it’s time to focus on the goodies you can earn by playing the game. Turns out, there are a bunch of cosmetic rewards you can earn for playing through the story of Modern Warfare 3, including new operators, weapons, and calling cards.

MW3 campaign rewards: a graphic showing the rewards a player can earn from playing the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

MW3 campaign rewards

The Modern Warfare 3 story consists of 15 missions, with nine rewards available for those who complete them all. Here is every Modern Warfare 3 campaign reward, in order:

  • Breather Calling Card
  • 30 mins double player XP token & 30 mins double weapon XP token
  • Corso Operator
  • Ghillie Guy Calling Card
  • 30 mins XP token and 30 mins weapon XP token
  • Pathfinder Operator
  • Toxic Drip Calling Card
  • One-hour double player XP token and one-hour double weapon XP token
  • Doc Operator
  • Skull Rhapsody Calling Card
  • One-hour double player XP token and one-hour double weapon XP token
  • Jabber Operator
  • Campaign Completion Emblem
  • Campaign Completion Weapon Blueprint

With plenty of rewards on offer, as well as getting the chance to jump into the shoes of our favorite operators again, it’s well worth taking advantage of the early access period. Once the story is done and dusted, it’s time to focus on multiplayer, so collect your best MW3 guns and work on that MW3 loadout so you’ll come out on top.