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Call of Duty Zombies meets Madagascar is the DLC MW3 needs

Forget its story, what Call of Duty MW3 really needs, as one YouTuber has proven, is a zombie crossover with Dreamworks' Madagascar.

A player fending off Alex from Madagascar with a big spoon.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has had something of a mixed reception, with criticisms levelled at both its single-player and multiplayer modes. But thanks to one YouTuber we know what we need to fix it – childhood-ruining zombie mode DLC.

It’s no secret that some players are unhappy with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The FPS game‘s campaign was lambasted for being too short, its zombie mode has been subject to crashes and, on the whole, feels a little rushed. The good news is that, thanks to YouTuber Joe ‘ToastedShoes,’ we now know what MW3 needs to breathe new life into it.  The bad news is the DLC in question would certainly ruin your childhood.

ToastedShoes, and the modders who assist him, have taken Call of Duty’s Zombie mode (it appears to be the mode from CoD: World War) and turned the living dead into animals from Dreamworks’ Madagascar’ movies.

So, instead of taking on shambling corpses, ToastedShoes and friends, as the Penguins from Madagascar, are facing down Alex, King Julien, and all his friends. And, despite their friendly demeanour in the movies, they’re all intent on devouring the penguins’ flesh.

They do have the means to defend themselves but some of their weapons have been swapped out for other items. You wouldn’t think a squeaky spoon would do much damage, but it’s enough to take out a couple of Alexes.

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s an amazing but non work-safe watch. You can almost hear the players’ childhood memories bursting into flame, and that’s even before the exploding Martys enter the scene.

If you’d asked me where mankind – or penguinkind – would make its last stand against the zombie hordes, my answer would not have been a Madagascan tiki bar.

As with many of ToastedShoes’ videos, these mods aren’t publicly available but I would pay good money to see this added to Call of Duty: MW3, maybe with a guest appearance from Shrek. I’d be more worried about that Ogre taking a bullet than.. well, I’ll leave the spoilers for now.

You can find plenty of equally unhinged modding videos on ToastedShoes’ channel, including Robocop: Rogue City with Murphy switched out for Futurama’s Bender.

If you’re playing MW3 as is, here’s the best MW3 MCW 6.8 loadout. And if its non-Dreamworks zombie mode is giving you trouble, here’s how to find and destroy a mercenary convoy in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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