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How to find and destroy a mercenary convoy in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

A particularly tricky mission in MW3 Zombies tasks you with finding, and destroying, a convoy of mercenaries patrolling the map, but where are they?

MW3 Zombies convoy: first person view of a soldier setting up an ambush at nighttime.

Looking for a mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies? There are many tasks you’ll be lumped with while playing Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, but one of the more frustrating ones early on is the Interceptor mission. To complete this mission you have to find a mercenary convoy patrolling the map and destroy it.

The main issue with this is that the mercenary convoy isn’t shown on the map, so finding it can be difficult – freely exploring the map can be troublesome, seeing as everything with teeth is after your blood. If you’re new to Modern Warfare 3, check out our MW3 review for our thoughts on the FPS game, and if you want to be as prepared as possible for the fight ahead, we have a list of the best MW3 loadouts here.

MW3 convoy: a UI showing mission requirements.

How to find the MW3 mercenary convoy

The mercenary convoy isn’t on your map when you spawn in, so your only option is to scour the main streets and highways that run through the low and medium-threat areas until it turns up.  The convoy is made up of three armored vehicles, and to complete the Interceptor mission, you must eliminate the mercenaries traveling in the convoy and take the keycard from the leader once he’s been felled.

There’s a chance you may have to attempt this mission multiple times. Picking up the keycard should be enough to complete the mission, but this didn’t happen for us the first time, putting us in the unfortunate position of having to exfil and try again.

How to destroy the MW3 mercenary convoy

Although the mission description states that you have to destroy the mercenary convoy to complete it, you don’t have to. The mercenary vehicles are armored, so while you can chip away with your regular weapons, the fastest way to destroy the mercenary convoy is to use explosives.

Each vehicle has a mercenary cache in the flatbed, so you can either loot this while they’re still intact or rummage through them on the ground once the armored cars have been destroyed.

Now that you know how to find the MW3 Zombies convoy, nothing is stopping you from uncovering the secrets of the new map. If you want to drop in as prepared as possible, check out our best MW3 guns so your insured slot is guaranteed to pop off. If you’re more into the multiplayer side of warfare, check out our MW3 season 1 guide for all new upcoming content.