All Warzone 2 contracts explained

Contracts in Warzone 2 can give you a ton of money, and even respawn your teammates if you're in a tight spot, here's what they are, and how they work

All Warzone 2 contracts explained

If you’re scratching your head about Warzone 2 contracts and aren’t sure what they are – never mind how they work – then we’ve got your back. Contracts are in-game missions, secondary to your main goal to outlive your opponents, and they appear in four distinct forms. Each one tasks you with something different and will reward you with XP and money. Some even respawn your dead squad members, or show you where the next circle will be, making them an invaluable asset to your squad.

Here are the four contracts in Warzone 2 and how they work:

  • Secure Intel: This contract is split into two stages; the first stage tasks you with finding a laptop in a highlighted area on your map. Once you get close to the laptop, it will ping it for you and your squad. Interact with the laptop and you’ll pull out the hard drive. You’ll then be given instructions to deliver said hard drive to another location on the map. Once at the second location, insert the hard drive into the computer and stay near it while it uploads the data. You’ll be rewarded with XP, money, and the location of the next circle on completion.
  • Bounty: When you pick up a bounty contract, another player’s general location will be marked on the map for you and your squad. Make your way into the general area of the marked player, and the location circle on your map will get smaller, giving you more of an indication of where your opponent may be hiding. Eliminate the marked player for XP and money. Beware, however, that the marked player will know you’re coming for them, and will be on the defensive.
  • Safecracker: Picking up the safecracker contract will immediately mark three locations on your map, with each of these housing a safe that needs to be opened by you and your squad. Interacting with these safes will plant a C4 and start a timer – you’ll want to get out of the way before it blows. Each safe will drop money and loot, with more money and XP as the reward for successfully cracking all three.
  • Most Wanted: When you pick up a most wanted contract, you’ll be marked on the map for every other player in the multiplayer game. If you manage to survive the four-minute timer, you’ll receive money, XP, and any of your dead squad members will respawn. Killing other players and looting caches will lower your timer, so try to find the balance between hiding, and being aggressive.

There you have every Warzone 2 contract, and how they work. If you’re planning on taking on the entire map with a most wanted contract on your back, you’d better have the best Warzone 2 loadout in your back pocket. If you need to stock up on weapons, be sure to hit the Warzone 2 Strongholds and Black Sites to secure some of the best Warzone 2 guns in the FPS game. These will not only stand you in good stead for completing contracts, but are liable to keep you out of the Warzone 2 gulag and see you to the end of the match unscathed.