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Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens explained

Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens drop on Ashika Island, and we’ve got the details on what these mysterious coins are and how to use them.

Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens explained: a group of soldiers parachute into a warzone

You may have stumbled across several Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens – or Sea Treasures Tokens, as they’re known in-game – in your time on Ashika Island, but what are they? They can’t be used at buy stations and aren’t usable in your hands, so picking them up with no knowledge of what they’re for is just taking up valuable inventory space.

Thankfully, we know precisely what Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens are, and what they’re used for. Getting a victory on Ashika Island Resurgence is about setting a high pace early, pushing teams, and getting the wipe – putting together an aggressive Warzone 2 loadout is key in the free PC game, and you’ll want to complement your build with some of the prizes you’ll get from using Sea Treasure Tokens at designated machines.

Warzone 2 sea treasure tokens explained: a gold coin sits on the floor

What are Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens?

Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens are coins that can be spent at machines at gas stations around the map and will reward you with a prize. Sea Treasure Tokens can be dropped by downed players, or obtained from supply drops, but when you find one, you’ll want to head to the nearest gas station.

There are four gas stations to be found on Ashika Island:

  • Town Center
  • Residential
  • Port Ashika
  • Beach Club

Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens explained: a vending machine in a gas station

Inside the gas stations, there are brightly coloured vending machines. Inserting your Sea Treasure Token into the vending machine will cause it to turn red or green, and award you with a prize depending on the colour. You’ll also earn 100 XP, no matter what colour it turns.

If the vending machine turns red, you’re out of luck, and will only be awarded a single piece of equipment – stim, a single armour plate, etc. but if the vending machine happens to turn green, well you’re in luck. A prize from a winning vending machine could be a fully equipped weapon or even a killstreak. Sea Treasure Tokens will stack in your inventory, so ensure you’re picking up as many as you can.

Now that you know how to use Warzone 2 Sea Treasure Tokens, it’s time to get out there and test your luck; you never know what those vending machines will spit out. Get yourself prepared for the Resurgence with the best Warzone 2 guns, and check out everything that’s new with Warzone 2 season 2 before you drop into one of the best battle royale games on the market.