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Warzone 2 reviews tank on Steam as Call of Duty hit by tech issues

Warzone 2 reviews are down on Steam as the Activision, Call of Duty battle royale game suffers tech issues alongside the launch of Modern Warfare 2 season one

Warzone 2 reviews tank on Steam as Call of Duty hit by tech issues: Laswell, a CIA agent from Modern Warfare 2, wears a serious expression

Warzone 2 reviews are suffering on Steam as the Call of Duty battle royale game from Activision and Infinity Ward experiences various UI and technical issues affecting the social menu, server access, and optimisation, while Modern Warfare 2 season one and the new Warzone 2 battle pass also launch.

With 5,455 reviews as of this writing, the Steam user response to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is currently rated as “Mostly Negative”, with reports of lag, bans being issued without reason, and problems navigating the game’s menu and UI screens.

“Got banned three times after a day. Didn’t do anything,” writes one respondent. “It’s laggy,” says another. “Can’t even play a single match without dying because of the terrible lag.” “The real PVP in this game is navigating a never-ending series of menus that are both useless and unintuitive,” says a third player. “Paired with constant lag and desync issues and you’ve got a recipe for ‘meh’”.

Warzone 2 players have also reported issues with performance and optimisation, and the game either failing to boot or crashing shortly after they begin playing. The social functions of Warzone 2 have experienced issues, with some players unable to access their friend lists or join parties, although this problem has seemingly been addressed following a bug fix released by Infinity Ward.

“I wouldn’t recommend the game at this stage unless you don’t really have something else to play,” says another Warzone 2 player on Steam. “It’s riddled with bugs and server issues. Also, whoever made the menu and in-game UI deserves to be exiled to another planet.”

Although Warzone 2 has experienced various technical problems so far, and the menus are admittedly difficult to navigate, these are likely just teething problems given the recency of the game’s launch and its sheer scale – over time, I’d expect the technical issues to be resolved and smoothed out, and various updates that improve the experience out-of-match. Especially with DMZ mode, Warzone 2 feels like much more than just an iteration on the original Warzone, and I’d offer that it needs and deserves more time before it runs flawlessly.

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