The best Type 63 Warzone loadout

Get your hands on the ultimate class setup for Warzone’s best tactical rifle

The Type 63 featured on a black background in Call of Duty Warzone's preview weapon menu

Searching for the best Type 63 loadout in Warzone? The Type 63 is a semi-automatic tactical rifle – instead of relying on a fully automatic gun, this weapon’s low rate of fire rewards you with powerful and accurate shots. There was a period of time where the Type 63 dominated the Warzone meta alongside the DMR 14, but these weapons have nerfed numerous times since then to make them fair and balanced.

Sure, you could use an assault rifle like the Krig 6 which requires several bullets to knock someone down, or you could spend just three bullets with the Type 63. Of course, that’s ignoring the large learning curve that comes with a weapon like this. If you can learn how to handle this weapon, it’s capable of wiping entire squads in seconds.

Unlike the DMR 14, the Type 63 isn’t as effective from far distances, but you can compensate for this. The attachments selected in this loadout address the Type 63’s biggest weakness: the recoil. Here’s the best Type 63 Warzone loadout for you to dominate your opponents in this battle royale game.


The best Warzone Type 63 loadout is:

  • 16.4” Titanium Barrel
  • Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip
  • Speed Tape
  • GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Axial Arms 3x

By increasing the Type 63’s fire rate with the 16.4” Titanium Barrel attachment, any close range battles will become significantly easier. The time to kill is already fast with the Type 63, and now battles against several opponents can be put to bed even quicker. It can be difficult to control this weapon when firing rapidly, however, the recoil becomes manageable with the Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip. You will have to sacrifice some mobility to gain horizontal and vertical recoil control, though this is barely negligible.

In an effort to win any quick draw battles, the Speed Tape attachment is perfect for improving the Type 63’s aim down sight speed without introducing any negative attributes. You can make the Type 63 more effective at long distances by equipping the GRU Elastic Wrap. Flinch resistance is the biggest advantage of this attachment, perfect for picking off enemies from afar.

Likewise, the scope you select will drastically change how you approach fights with the Type 63. The nerfs to the Type 63 stopped it from dominating at any range, so you can compensate for this by selecting the Axial Arms 3x scope. This scope allows you to play into the Type 63’s strengths by maintaining the same level of power from short to medium range, while having the option of firing from further distances.

Though the Type 63 is surprisingly good at close ranges, it’s also a heavy weapon, which means you won’t be able to dart around buildings. Consider trying out the best Tec-9 loadout as a secondary weapon alongside the tactical rifle to give yourself an advantage in close range battles.