The best Krig 6 Warzone loadout

How to set up the Krig 6 in Call of Duty Warzone

The Krig 6 assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone

Looking for the best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone? It’s a dependable assault rifle with barely any recoil if you manage your loadout efficiently. With excellent base damage and the ability to buff its accuracy and range to rather outrageous levels, it can be a fantastic assault rifle for Warzone’s long range skirmishing. There’s even an argument to be made for it overtaking the Warzone Kilo 141 as one of the best Warzone loadout options.

Since its introduction in the latest season of Warzone, all of the Call of Duty Cold War guns have been given unique stats for the battle royale game. The Krig 6 is incredibly good for long-range combat, and there are plenty of attachments to ensure that the highly damaging bullets meet their mark. There is a bit of a cost to mobility with this loadout, but by heavily reducing recoil and increasing the damage range, it’s not as if you’re going to be running at enemies with this gun raised all that often.

To ensure that you get the right setup, and thus become a threat from afar, here’s the best Krig 6 Warzone loadout for you to wipe out the competition in the Call of Duty battle royale game.

Best Warzone Krig 6 loadout

The best Warzone Krig 6 loadout is:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 19.7” Ranger
  • Visiontech 2x
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Stanag 60 Rnd

Since the Krig 6 is a weapon that’s designed to be between medium and long rang, so we’ve opted to go with the Agency Suppressor, as it increases the damage range, has slight buffs to accuracy, and has sound suppression to keep your position off the radar. It does take a bit more time to aim down sights, there’s a small hit on mobility, and you’ll find that aiming while walking isn’t completely steady, but these cons shouldn’t really matter if you can beam someone out of a chopper.

For the barrel attachment, we have the 19.7” Ranger equipped. This one also sacrifices a bit of mobility, while also reducing your aim walking movement speed, but increases the range and bullet velocity further still. Since you want to hit opponents from afar as much as you can, this barrel also offers an increased rate of fire, so enemies have less time to find cover before they’re downed.

Your scope options are rather varied, but we think the Visiontech 2x is the way to go. It gives a similar view to better scopes without impacting recoil control too much or being too cumbersome to ADS in a pinch. Using the 3x scope will make the gun a little on the wobbly side, even more so with the 4x scope, and recoil is not what you want with this weapon. You could also opt for the Millstop Reflex or Microflex LED if you want, but this is a weapon designed to be fired from range where possible and seeing what you’re shooting is generally preferable.

Speaking of recoil management, this is where the Field Agent Grip comes into play. It increases the recoil control both horizontally and vertically, at the cost of some shooting move speed. Since you’re likely not going to be moving all that much when firing the Krig 6, this isn’t a drawback that matters. You’re going to have a little less mobility and increased overall accuracy as well with this grip equipped to the underbarrel.

Finally, for the magazine slot, we have gone with the Stanag 60 Rnd magazine. This does take a bit of a hit on reload quickness and ADS time, but increased magazine ammo capacity is a must for the long-range firefights or taking on multiple opponents simultaneously. You’ll also get increased ammo capacity and an increase to the maximum starting ammo, so it’s a good loadout to pick if you’re dropping fresh from the gulag.

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