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How to dig up Warzone buried treasure and find shovel locations

Get your hands on top quality loot by heading to the shovel locations then digging up Warzone buried treasure scattered across the beach

Call of duty Warzone buried treasure shovel locations: inside a graveyard looking at a shovel next to an open grave

Are you looking for shovel locations and buried treasure in Warzone? Fortune’s Keep, the latest map to join the battle royale game, features many helpful easter eggs to discover. The most useful one involves digging up mounds to find buried treasure, giving players a chance to score some powerful loot before the first circle collapses.

Coincidentally, Caldera has another easter egg that rewards players with game-changing loot, thanks to the Warzone golden keycard found in supply crates. However, if you want to get your hands on Warzone buried treasure on Fortune’s Keep, you need to find the shovel locations. There are only a finite number of shovels on the map, so you need to act quickly as you parachute to the island.

Fortune’s Keep shovel locations

There are shovels located in the Graveyard and the Lighthouse, but it’s worth pointing out that the Graveyard may be a hot spot at the moment due to the number of easter egg-related challenges in the area. Once you land in the Graveyard, search for open graves to find a shovel plunged into the dirt.

The shovel found at the top of the Lighthouse is extremely easy to acquire, you can usually grab it without having to worry about getting into a fight. Alternatively, players drop the shovel once they’ve been knocked down, so it’s worth killing nearby rival players if you can’t locate the item.

Call of duty Warzone buried treasure shovel locations: first person view of someone holding an assault rifle while looking at a sand mound on the beach

Warzone buried treasure locations

Once you have the shovel, you now can dig up sand mounds. These mounds can be found on the sandy beaches of Fortune’s Keep, so head to one of these areas as soon as you can. If you do have the shovel in your inventory, a prompt reading ‘dig’ should appear.

That’s all you need to find the buried treasure in Warzone. Once you’ve dug up all the treasure on the beach, you should call in one of our best Warzone loadouts to equip yourself with meta-defining weapons. Fancy making your own loadout instead? Check out our best Warzone guns list to find out which weapons are worth your time.