Raven won’t let you edit Warzone loadouts anymore – again

If you find you can't edit Warzone loadouts anymore, there's a reason for that - though what it is and why is still something of a mystery

It seems like only yesterday, Raven Software removed the option to edit Warzone loadouts in the pre-match lobby to fix a potentially game-breaking glitch, and now it’s happened again. Raven announced on Twitter that it disabled the option to edit loadouts if you’re joining or matchmaking with another player’s party, and the general response is less than enthused. Raven didn’t actually provide a reason for disabling the feature, but most commenters assumed Raven wanted to stop players from exploiting a recent glitch that let them put camos from Cold War and Vanguard on Modern Warfare weapons.

Some Call of Duty content creators, including JGOD, complained that the bug should be a permanent feature, since it seemed the games recognize camo and other unlockables without issue. It’s a seemingly insignificant problem to warrant such a drastic action, but one commenter pointed out it’s hardly the only reason.

Twitter user 2JZelo said players are still using the feature to cheat, spawning into matches with full loadouts or perks they shouldn’t be able to use. It’s hard to say if that truly is the reason behind Raven’s actions, since the studio isn’t commenting, but it would make sense if so. Shortly after implementing the feature for the first time in 2021, Raven disabled it because players were using the same exploit to spawn with infinite Dead Silence, among other things, and used it to get free camos and exploits.

Raven re-implemented loadout editing not long after, so if you can’t edit your loadout between matches now, it’ll likely be back online soon.

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