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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Lunar New Year tracer pack disabled due to bugs

Raven Software has disabled the Year of the Tiger pack because it's crashing the game

A solider crouching wearing the Automaton, one of the best Warzone Pacific guns

A new cosmetic pack for Call of Duty: Warzone has been disabled until further notice. Developer Raven Software has shut down the battle royale game’s new Lunar New Year-themed Tracer Pack: Year of the Tiger, after hearing reports from players that the pack was causing crashes.

As Charlie Intel reports, the Tracer Pack: Year of the Tiger sells for 1,000 COD Points (or about $10 USD), and includes the Tiger Blueprint for the STG-44 assault rifle. That comes with a vibrant tiger-themed skin for the weapon, plus two weapon charms, two calling cards, and the Tiger’s Dance watch. Like all tracer packs, it also includes a visual effect for rounds fired from your weapon – in this case, fireworks.

One of these items, it seems, was crashing Warzone and causing other glitches. In some cases, it seems to have actually ruined matches, and it’s bad enough that Raven has now stepped in and disabled the pack completely while it works out the issue.

Raven has said it’s currently investigating the issue, and it’s apparently impacting all platforms.

The issue was added to the Warzone Trello board yesterday, February 1, so it’s hardly a surprise we haven’t seen an update on it yet.