Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map exploit is getting a fix “soon”

Two Warzone players on the new Verdansk 84 map

One of the big, flashy new additions to Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 3 is a new map – the last one was blown to bits, after all. It’s still Verdansk, just thrown back to 1984. So it goes with online games, though, people were quick to search the new map for glitches and exploits before finding one that allows you to hide under the map and shoot at foes.

Developer Raven Software has taken to Twitter (below) to update fans that it’s aware of the issue, with a fix “coming soon”. The developer has also provided a link to its Trello board, which currently has the problem under “fix scheduled” and “investigating”, so hopefully we won’t be waiting too long on this one.

You can use several points of interest to get under the map, but the two most popular spots are the stadium and the airport. We won’t detail how to do the map exploits here, though there are plenty of videos on the internet you’ll probably have already seen.

As ever, though, players have taken it into their own hands to dish out some vigilante justice while they wait for a fix. One of the more popular posts on a Warzone subreddit right now involves one player going under the map to clear out some others who are using the exploit – like JuuliusCeasar69 right here:

I do a better job of policing this game than activision from CODWarzone

The exploit comes mere days after Season 3 went live. Activision marked the occasion with a multiple-day event that came with a series of quests. Of course, Verdansk wasn’t the only thing that went kaput, as the servers struggled too, which is to be expected.

If you’re holding out hope that the ol’ Verdansk is coming back, though, it appears unlikely.

“Season three really kicks off with a transition event,” associate creative director Amos Hodge says in a video. “We want this event to be memorable. We want players to actually be active participants in the story. Players don’t know it, but current-day Verdansk – they’ll never play it in that state again. Current-day Verdansk is gone, and it’s not coming back.”

If you’re looking to bring some map exploit users to justice, our best Warzone loadout and best Warzone guns guides are righteous, indeed.