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Warzone Urzikstan map POIs - All 11 points of interest

Moving across the border from Al Mazrah, the newest CoD Warzone map Urzikstan features 11 brand-new POIs from the Modern Warfare story.

A picture of one of the locations in the Warzone map with Marakov in the foreground.

Where are the points of interest in the Warzone map Urzikstan? The newest Warzone DZ, accompanying Modern Warfare 3, is located right next door to the Republic of Adal. Just across the border from Al Mazrah, Urzikstan is familiar to CoD fans as the region previously occupied by General Barkov until Farah’s army, the CIA and the SAS, um, removed him in Modern Warfare 2019. If you thought that was the end of the trouble, think again, as Zakaev makes his move on the land.

As ever, the stories and the lore are interwoven between Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, giving players familiar drop zones in which to fight. Oftentimes, particularly if you want good loot and a good fight, the points of interest are the best places to drop into a Warzone map, so here are all 11 Urzikstan POIs, some of which appear as standalone maps in Modern Warfare 3 modes like Ground War. So, get your squad and all your best Warzone guns ready for the multiplayer game and prepare to drop into the new Warzone map.

Warzone Urzikstan map

Urzikstan heralded a new iteration of the battle royale alongside Modern Warfare 3, and the new Warzone map was released on December 6, 2023, alongside the release of season one.

As mentioned above, many of the Urzikstan locations were already familiar to players already getting their hands dirty in Modern Warfare 3. Locations such as Orlov Military Base and Levin Resort can be found in Modern Warfare 3 Ground War mode.

The full Warzone map of Urzikstan, including POI locations.

Urzikstan map size

The Urzikstan Warzone map is slightly smaller than Al Mazrah and closer in size to Caldera, with large POIs themselves being large enough for Ground War and too big for standard MW3 modes.

We can see in the image above that Urzikstan is split into two sections of main land, with a massive eleven points of interest to choose from every time you drop in. There’s plenty of water dividing sections of land, bringing back the underwater combat mechanics of the previous iteration of Warzone, and there are even some mechanics never seen in Warzone before to get you across this map fast.

A train working its way through Urzikstan, the new Warzone map.

Urzikstan new features

Each new iteration of Warzone brings brand-new features to shake up the gameplay, and Urzikstan was no different. Keeping new mechanics from last time, such as underwater combat, new vehicles, and redeploy drones, Warzone Urzikstan introduced horizontal ziplines, gulag changes, and one very large new cross-map vehicle give you even more reason to drop in to Urzikstan.


In a Warzone first, there are horizontal ziplines all over Urzikstan, enabling fast travel in and out of firefight. You can also use your weapon while traversing a zipwire, so you can decide if you want to go after someone making a run for it. You might even come head to head with someone travelling in the opposite direction…


Possibly the most chaotic addition to the Warzone map (in a good way) is the driveable train than can be picked up from the station in Old Town. Get into the driver’s car to push the train where you want to go, but beware of the handbrake in the caboose – if another team drops in and stops the train, you’ve got a fight on your hands.


In 2022, major changes came to the classic gulag, and even more came into play with Urzikstan. Going back to a standard three-lane layout, the gulag behaves pretty much as you’d expect – most of the time. There is a random chance, though, that you’ll get chucked into one of three more high-stakes gulag maps. That’s not all, survive long enough and an ascender will drop into the ring, get to it and you can use it to get out – if you’re not taken out on the way up.

An outdoor swimming pool surrounded by villas in the Warzone Urzikstan map Levin Resort POI.

All Urzikstan points of interest

The Warzone Urzikstan map contains a wide array of POIs, from the stylish Levin Resort and prosperous Zaravan to the dilapidated Low Town and rural Hadiqa Farms, so you can see a bit of everything as you explore Urzikstan. Here’s every Urzikstan POI:

  • Hadiqa Farms
  • Levin Resort
  • Low Town
  • Old Town
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Popov Power
  • Seaport District
  • Shahin Manor
  • Urzikstan Cargo
  • Zaravan City
  • Zaravan Suburbs

Hadiqa Farms

Found in the rural south of Urzikstan, Hadiqa Farms is an excellent drop zone if you want a challenge – there are not many places to find cover among the farm’s open fields. If you’re planning on dropping in here, we recommend a loadout with a long and a mid-range weapon – perhaps a double primary loadout with a sniper and assault rifle – and stay low.

Levin Resort

As one of the Ground War maps in Modern Warfare 3, Levin Resort is the perfect blend of tight spaces for close combat, tall, remote sniper vantage points, and open ground for vehicles.

Closely packed, run-down houses in the Warzone Urzikstan map POI Low Town.

Low Town

Low Town would have been the poorest area of Urzikstan, full of small, tightly-packed, and rundown homes. In battle terms, this makes it the perfect area for fast-paced close combat, so make sure you’ve got a shotgun or SMG equipped if you’re dropping in here. There’s plenty of room to take cover as well, and small buildings are perfect for dropping tear gas or lethal grenades to catch camping enemies by surprise. Just beware of sneaky snipers as you dart between the buildings.

Low Town is also one of the most central areas in Urzikstan, so we expect it to be one of the busiest in the early phases of each Warzone match.

A derelict palace building in Old Town, one of the POIs in the Warzone map Urzikstan.

Old Town

Right next to Low Town and also in the center of the Warzone map, Old Town is slightly richer than Low Town, with some beautiful – if dilapidated – architecture, like in the palatial building above. The main train station is also located in Old Town, in which the actual, working train stops.

Orlov Military Base

Any Call of Duty players are familiar with a good old military base of some sort, and Urzikstan has its own, Orlov Military Base, littered with bunkers to dart between and inside for cover.

A building and tower in the Popov Power Plant POI in the Warzone map Urzikstan.

Popov Power

The industrial scenery of the Popov power plant seamlessly blends into that of the military base to its east and the cargo bay to its south. Those that like to battle around the subdued, grey concrete buildings of Rust or Alboran Hatchery might find their playstyle suits the cooling towers and work blocks of Popov Power.

Seaport District

Anyone who loves aquatic combat should give Seaport District a visit thanks to its large bodies of water surrounded by maritime buildings and old fishing boats.

The large Shahin Manor with flags flying in front of it from the Warzone Urzikstan map.

Shahin Manor

Shahin Manor might be one of the POIs we most enjoy fighting in, purely for aesthetic reasons – the opulent double staircase inside is home to thrilling fights. Far removed from the busiest areas of Urzikstan, the wide open spaces outside the manor contradict those tight spaces inside, so make sure you have a rounded loadout ready and are prepared for anything.

Urzikstan Cargo

There’s a lot to make use of in Urzikstan Cargo, thanks to a ground filled with containers (reminiscent of many a COD multiplayer map before it) for close combat, and the complimentary cranes, which can be scaled for the ultimate long-range vantage point. If you’re not happy where you are or want to get out of danger in a hurry, you can even jump from the cranes to parachute away and redeploy.

Skyscrapers in the deserted cuity of Zaravan in the Warzone map Urzikstan.

Zaravan City

Naturally, fans of sniper rifles, high vantage points, and bustling buildings full of loot will find themselves at home in Zaravan City. Thanks to the reintroduction of non-suppressed minimap red dots, drill charges are a particularly useful device to consider having in your loadout drop as you roam from room to room and even between buildings using the horizontal ziplines high above the city streets.

Zaravan Suburbs

In contrast to Low Town, the residential suburbs of Zaravan reveal riches and comfort. If you want to start on the outskirts of the map and make your way in, Zaravan Suburbs is a great consideration thanks to the lack of waterways on route to Zaravan city or the center of Urzikstan.

Phew! There’s a lot to get acquainted with, but that’s just all the more reason to keep dropping into the Warzone Urzikstan map. Before you drop into the battle royale game, check your Warzone loadouts are up to scratch, and make sure you’re familiar with the best weapons for the current meta, including the best Warzone ARs and, of course, the best Warzone sniper rifles, a battle royale essential.