Best sniper Warzone: the best sniper rifle in Season 5

Get your camping gear and tent ready, use the very best sniper rifles to pick off foes from a distance in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

Polina, the female soldier on the left, firing a sniper rifle towards an enemy directly in front of her

Want to know what the best sniper rifle is in Warzone? There are plenty of options to pick from in the battle royale game, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a sniper rifle. While this weapon type used to be a sure-fire pick for players back when Verdansk was around, that hasn’t been the case since new Warzone map was introduced. That’s not to say sniping is dead, far from it, but you do have to think carefully about your surroundings before calling in the best Warzone loadouts.

There are a lot of factors to consider, including which attachments you choose to equip your chosen Warzone sniper with, how confident you are at judging travel time, and what your peeking skills are like. We’ve analysed the lot to give you the definitive answer on which weapon is the best sniper rifle in Warzone. Just like the previous update, Warzone Season 5 is trying to improve the pick rate of sniper rifles by reducing their flinch resistance. Heavy sniper rifles received a flinch reduction of 11%, whereas light sniper rifles received a 40% reduction.

The best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone

Here are the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone:

  • 3-Line Rifle
  • ZRG 20mm
  • Kar98k (Modern Warfare)
  • HDR
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle
  • Swiss K31
  • LW3 Tundra
  • AX-50
  • Pelington 703
  • M82
  • SP-R 208
  • SKS
  • Dragunov

The 3-Line Rifle in Warzone Pacific


The 3-Line Rifle is one of the default sniper rifles brought over from Call of Duty Vanguard. For over half a year, the 3-Line Rifle was ignored as it couldn’t compete with the best sniper rifles in the game, but that has drastically changed over the past two seasons. In Warzone Season 5, the 3-Line Rifle has one of the best kill-death ratios out of any sniper on this list, making it a must-pick for tactical players. If you’re looking for a different sniping experience on Caldera, the best 3-Line Rifle loadout might be your best option.


This sniper rifle was released to little fanfare when it was introduced in Warzone Season 2 (2021), but there have been a number of tweaks to the meta sniper rifles to make this weapon more appealing. Featuring the highest bullet velocity in the game, in addition to very little bullet drop, the ZRG 20mm presents itself as the obvious choice for players who want to pick enemies off from a very safe distance. As it can also get one-shot kills at any range, the ZRG is one of the best options in Season 5. Read our guide to the best ZRG loadout to see how you should put together this lethal sniper rifle.

Kar98K (Modern Warfare)

For the first time since the best Kar98k loadout was introduced, the latest changes made in Warzone Season 3 have finally knocked this gun off the top snipers spot. The Kar98k is the best option for aggressive players who want to use an agile sniper rifle, giving you the freedom to move around the battlefield. The Kar98k is especially effective in frantic, mid-range team fights, where a single round from a sniper is the difference between an enemy staying on their feet or getting downed. The Season 4 Reloaded damage range buff has brought the Kar98k back into the fold, becoming a bigger threat from a distance.

The HDR sniper rifle in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu


Another Warzone sniper that’s capable of downing with a single headshot at any distance, the HDR is great for extremely long-range sniping shenanigans as – with the right attachments – you can mod this sniper to have almost no travel time or bullet drop. In most situations, that range advantage won’t really help you out, but it can make the HDR a little more user-friendly. If you’re looking for a new aggressive sniper rifle, check out our HDR Warzone setup.

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Another sniper rifle from Vanguard, the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle used to be the worst weapon in this category prior to the Season 4 Reloaded update. The Gorenko has received a massive buff to both its aim down sights transition speed. This makes it considerably easier to take down enemies from great distances, though you do need to watch out for flankers.

Swiss K31

Looking for a different type of bolt-action sniper rifle? The Swiss K31 is a great option for Kar98k players who want to be able to fight at greater distances. The recent Season 3 changes mean you need the enemy to be within the K31’s max damage range to get a one-shot kill with a headshot, though this is now increased to 1,650 from 900. The default version of this weapon isn’t anything to write home about – read our best Swiss loadout guide to see which attachments you’ll need.

The LW3 Tundra sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone

LW3 Tundra

The LW3 Tundra has one of the fastest bullet velocities of any sniper rifle on this list, earning it a high ranking. Warzone Season 5 buffs the Tundra’s damage multiplier when firing towards the upper and lower torso, as well as the extremities. In addition to this, the damage range was increased from 61 meters all the way to 69, and the aim down sight speed has been sped up slightly. This should be enough to bring the Tundra back into the Warzone meta after spending a long time on the sidelines. Give our best Warzone LW3 Tundra loadout a look to see which attachments you’ll need to upgrade this weapon.


The best AX50 class setup is built as a hitscan sniper rifle, making it a deadly option from a long distance on Caldera. Compared to the other options on this list, the AX-50 is one of the heavier rifles, so you need to switch to your secondary weapon when running around the map.

Pelington 703

Similarly to the Kar98k, this sniper rifle is great for fast-scoping, allowing players with steady hands to rack up quick headshots as soon as they see a fellow sniper. The Pelington 701 is a much stronger pick following the big one-shot headshot nerf, as its bullet velocity and 1-shot headshot range are the best of all the aggressive snipers in the game. Check out our best Pelington 703 Warzone loadout to see which attachments you should use.


Another Cold War sniper rifle that benefitted from the Warzone Season 3 changes – the M82 can now be used aggressively, though you do have to land two shots in order to take armoured players down. With the right set of attachments, the best Warzone M82 loadout is a great aggressive option, giving you plenty of bullets to tear through enemies from range.

SP-R 208

The SPR sniper rifle has been ignored by the Warzone community after it was quickly nerfed back in October 2020. Since then, the strength of the Cold War weapons has kept this gun out of loadouts until a relatively recent balance patch. The SPR is a bolt-action rifle – these weapons tend to fare better in close-range battles, but this sniper excels when used in mid-range encounters as its bullet velocity and handling will give you an edge. Just make sure you’re opponent is in max damage range if you’re going for headshots. Try out our best SP-R 208 loadout to see how powerful this weapon can be.


The SKS is easily the best of the semi-auto marksman rifles thanks to its manageable recoil and greater attachment versatility. Read our guide on how to level up your Modern Warfare battle pass fast in order to unlock the SKS and Renetti.

Rytec AMR

It might take even longer for this Warzone sniper rifle to bed into the meta, especially as it now has no one-shot potential. The main reason for this low placement is that the Rytec can no longer down an enemy with a single headshot. It does fire very quickly, so if your aim is on point then you can put out an awful lot of damage in no time at all. Check out our complete Rytec AMR Warzone guide here for more build options.


More lethal than the EBR-14, but trickier to use in close quarters. The Dragunov is a little underrated in mid-range battles, but overall it’s just a bit weaker than its bolt-action counterparts.

And there you have it, our tier list of the best sniper in Warzone. You’ll want to pair your sniper rifle with a powerful secondary weapon, such as the PPSh-41, the Cooper Carbine, or the best STG 44 loadout. If you like to stay in the same spot, it’s worth packing some claymores or C4 to ensure no one can easily flank you. Finally, check out our roundup on the Activision Blizzard lawsuit to learn more.