Warzone’s new exfiltration LTM swaps Rebirth Island for Fortune’s Keep

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 introduces a new exfiltration LTM that will see players abandon Rebirth Island for the new map Fortune’s Keep

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 launches June 24, and will introduce a new battle royale map, Fortune’s Keep. In the meantime, though, players will have the chance to say a brief goodbye to Rebirth Island, thanks to a new exfiltration LTM that is available now.

Battling it out on Rebirth Island, players will compete over possession of a radio, which they must hold until the game ends – the last team with the radio will then have to exfiltrate off of Rebirth over to Fortune’s Keep. The limited-time mode will only be available to play as a trio, and runs until June 22.

But this won’t be the last you see of Rebirth Island. The exfiltration mode commemorates the visual shift, from Warzone’s current maps to the more-colourful, almost pirate-themed Fortune’s Keep, but Rebirth and Caldera will still be available to play throughout season 4.

You will also be able to continue playing other, non-exfiltration game modes on Rebirth right the way up until the end of season 3.

All game modes – resurgence, plunder, battle royale, and champions – remain available for Caldera, and it is expected that Rebirth will make a full comeback shortly after the release of season 4. Caldera, however, will undergo some changes as of the fourth season, as the storage town point of interest makes a return, and there is a reduction in the amount of on-screen foliage, in order to increase players’ visibility.

Fortune’s Keep will initially be available as a resurgence map, though it’s likely more modes will be added as the new season continues. There are also several new weapons. The Macro-5 is a submachine gun, useful for firing from the hip for up-close, rapid takedowns. The UGM-8 is a new high-powered light machine gun, and for melee enthusiasts there is the push dagger, a sinister-looking little knife wielded in-between your fingers.

Exfiltration adds a suspenseful, extra layer to Warzone’s already rewarding battle royale gameplay, and it’s nice to see one of our favourite maps being honoured before the curtain rises on Fortune’s Keep. So get online, and see if you can make it off of Rebirth Island alive.