Best LMG Warzone: the best LMGs in Caldera

Clear out buildings with ease using the best LMGs in Warzone. These weapons may not be meta, but they can still pack quite a punch at all ranges

Best Warzone LMGS: A masked man holding a Whitley LMG in Warzone Pacific

Looking for the best LMG in Warzone? Warzone LMGs are all too often overlooked when choosing the game’s best weapons. It’s not hard to see why, either. In general, they take just as long to down enemies as one of the best assault rifles, and they have similar rates of fire and ranged effectiveness, too. However, unlike the game’s most popular weapons, LMGs are very heavy and come with some of the worst aim-down-sight speeds, mobility, and ‘gun-ready’ times in the game.

If you’re looking for the best Warzone 2 LMG, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Those stats can make clearing out buildings, re-armouring, and switching weapons very difficult, and we’ve died countless times simply because we were stuck in the gun-ready animation. Thankfully, some of these issues can be fixed with the right attachments, making the best Warzone LMGs surprisingly competitive in the right scenario. You can find attachments below, or jump straight ahead to our best Warzone loadouts to find great premade setups.

The best LMGs in Call of Duty Warzone

Here are the best Warzone LMGs:

  • UGM-8
  • Bren
  • PKM
  • Bruen MK9
  • MG42
  • DP27
  • RPD
  • Stoner 63
  • M91
  • MG 82
  • Holger-26
  • Whitley
  • Type 11
  • SA87
  • M60
  • MG34

The UGM-8 LMG introduced in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 on a black background


The UGM-8 joined the game in Warzone Season 4, introducing a lightweight LMG that has become a staple weapon in the category. Despite going through a number of nerfs, the UGM remains the best LMG in Warzone.

Our personal favourite is the best UGM loadout which focuses on close-range encounters, sporting numerous recoil control attachments to turn this weapon into an SMG with 100 bullets in each clip. The UGM’s incredible mobility stats make this weapon a great option for players who typically avoid using LMGs.


Unique among the LMGs, the best Bren loadout has dominated the meta in seasons past. Despite going through a round of heavy nerfs, the data from WZRanked shows its win rate is comparable to some of the game’s best weapons.

A good Bren loadout maximises the gun’s damage range, with boosts given to a range of accuracy-related stats so you can laser beam those headshots from quite far away. One popular loadout also adds the 100-round magazine into the mix, so you can go a long time between reloads and even take on multiple enemies in one go if you need to.


Our PKM loadout focuses on making the most of the weapon’s impressive damage and recoil control so that, providing you’re at the right range, your shots always hit their mark. Bear in mind that mobility is going to be low – as are most LMGs – and there’s not a lot you’re going to be able to do about that.

Bruen MK9

The best Bruen loadout boosts the weapon’s damage range while maintaining its accuracy at range. The Bruen’s damage, bullet velocity, and overall time to kill speed are already competitive, but our loadout sacrifices some mobility to get the best out of this weapon.

Side shot of the MG42, one of the best Warzone Pacific LMGs


The stock version of the MG42 features an extremely fast fire rate, so our best MG42 loadout focuses purely on accuracy and control to tame this powerful weapon.

If you’re looking for an LMG that performs exceptionally well at medium range, look no further than the MG42. The only thing you’ll need to bear in mind – more so than with the Bruen above – is that your mobility when holding the MG42 is going to be very low.


Competing very closely with the MG42, this LMG has a respectable time to kill speed, especially if you’re not great at landing headshots. The best DP27 loadout plays to the gun’s strengths, while also trying to correct its horizontal recoil issues. The reload time on this gun is especially noticeable, so make sure you factor that in before you get into a fight.


There’s a misconception that all LMGs are heavy, slow, and unwieldy, but the RPD is a great example of a versatile LMG. When customised using the right set of the attachments, the best RPD loadout feels just like a Krig 6. The best RPD loadout then will focus mainly on the RPD’s recoil control, as well as bullet velocity and damage at range.

Side shot of the Stoner 63, one of the best Warzone Pacific LMGs

Stoner 63

The Stoner 63 is proving popular but overall is stuck in the glut of mid-range LMGs that are neither the best, nor the worst examples of this weapon class.

The best Stoner 63 loadout enhances the weapon with a great magazine, making it formidable at mid-range engagements. The Stoner specifically has a bit of a kick to it, so we’ve picked a number of attachments to boost its recoil control. In addition to this, there’s a great barrel pick for this weapon that boosts bullet velocity and recoil at the same time.


For the FINN specifically, there’s a loadout called the ‘chainsaw’ build which in the past has proved very amusing. Our take on the best FINN LMG loadout turns it into a decent ranged weapon, boosting the effective damage range while managing the gun’s poor mobility. The FINN also has a fairly high fire rate, paired with slow reload speed, so we’ve got some attachments for mitigating these issues as well.


The M91 has never been especially popular and that’s not going to change any time soon. A good M91 loadout should take advantage of the fact that this LMG is relatively easy to control, with strong recoil stats that can be exploited for maximum gain. You also want to focus on accuracy and range, leaving the damage stats largely unmodified.

A side shot of the MG 82, one of the best Warzone LMGs

MG 82

In terms of base stats, the MG 82 has impressive accuracy across all distances, which gives you lots of general loadout flexibility. The best MG 82 loadout takes advantage of its naturally high accuracy by boosting the gun’s bullet velocity. Compared to every other LMG on this list, the MG 82 features the least amount of recoil if you use the right set of attachments.


We once hailed this as the worst LMG in the game, but no more. While it’s not really able to compete with the best of the best in this class, it’s holding its own in the center ground amidst the more obvious mid-tier options in this class.

The best Holger-26 loadout can go one of two ways – turn it into a strong mid-range gun like every other LMG loadout, or turn it into a poor man’s G36C. Why you’d want to do this instead of picking one of the actual best assault rifles is between you and your conscience, but at the very least it’s something different to try out.

The stock Whitley LMG on a black background in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific's preview menu


We can safely say the Whitley isn’t the worst LMG anymore, but it still hasn’t received enough support to become one of the big boys in the category.

Still, the best Whitley loadout makes the best use of all ten attachment slots, focusing on enhancing recoil control without sacrificing damage too much. You have to take the usual hits to mobility, but not as much as with some other loadouts on this list. It’s difficult to say whether the Whitley is going to become one of the best LMGs on this list, but things are looking better for this previously underused weapon.

Type 11

Probably the last decisively mid-tier LMG, the Type 11 excels when fired from a distance but lacks the fire rate to take care of enemies up close. It’s a shame this gun struggles against the rest of the list because it actually boasts one of the highest accuracy stats in the game right now.

A decent Type 11 loadout makes the most of this, further boosting accuracy and recoil control for laser beam-like fire rates. You need to sacrifice mobility as always to ensure that this gun’s accuracy is being exploited to the fullest.

A side shot of the SA87, one of Warzone Pacific's LMGs


While we’re placing the SA 87 down in the bottom tier of LMGs, that’s not to say it doesn’t have anything to offer someone looking to try out something different. One of the strengths of this gun is, similar to the Holger-26, it doesn’t share as many LMG traits as the rest of the class. It’s slow to aim down sights, sure, but it also has surprisingly decent damage range and low recoil.

The best SA87 loadout takes this into account when trying to bring out the most of this LMG, and our loadout will give you one of the best max damage ranges stats in the game, as well as decent mobility. Another option is to consider skipping a barrel attachment to make better use of the limited five slots.


Like the RAAL, this LMG has a painfully slow aim down sights time, which is a shame because it’s also a very hard-hitting gun. If you’re already in position and waiting for your opponent, the M60 can be lethal but only if you play incredibly defensive which isn’t how Warzone works.

The best M60 loadout – apart from using another weapon entirely – follows the usual course for LMGs. Push those accuracy, damage, and range stats as high as you, sacrificing some mobility if you need to, and also keep an eye on recoil control.

The RAAL MG LMG introduced in Warzone Season 5


There’s plenty about the RAAL to look forward to, provided you can handle the abysmal base mobility and aim-down sights stats. To get the most out of this weapon, check out the best RAAL MG loadout which focuses on maximising range and accuracy. The weapon’s damage is already in a good place, but you can always boost it more, as well as upping recoil control.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen – we once hailed the MG34 as the second-best LMG in the game. A year ago, you would have found plenty of support for this weapon, but in the time since it hasn’t been able to stay competitive in the face of the Bren and other newer guns that have been added since.

The best MG34 loadout strikes a tricky balance, bringing out the natural strengths of this class of weapon while also trying to manage the MG34’s very specific drawbacks in that it has a fast fire rate, but a painfully slow reload speed at nine seconds. It’s got decent accuracy, damage, and range stats already, but with five slots you’re going to need to make every attachment and perk count.

And that’s all you need to know about the best LMGs in Warzone. If you want the best of the best, check out the best Warzone guns of all time for the meta-defining list. Otherwise, check out other battle royale games and more free PC games to play excellent games just like Warzone Caldera.

Additional contributions by Joe Robinson