Looks like Call of Duty: Warzone’s stim glitch is back

Once more, into the gas and outside of the zone

It may be a new year for Call of Duty’s battle royale contestants, but old tricks have begun to re-emerge since the turn of the year. The most recent one is Warzone‘s stim glitch, which allows players to heal themselves up as much as they please.

Players took to Reddit and Twitter over the weekend to report that others are, once again, heading into the gas and healing themselves indefinitely until they get the win. It also appears that you can use the same glitch to throw as many stun grenades as you please, which sounds a tad frustrating to come up against. I’ve reached out to Activision to see if the publisher is aware of the issue, though I’d imagine it is.

Recently, players also discovered a wall on the new Rebirth Island map that they could use to become invisible. It doesn’t look to be as menacing as last year’s invisible glitch as it confines players to specific locations. That said, the difference will likely be of little comfort to anyone whose game is ended by the bug.

Elsewhere in Warzone land, the DMR is still reigning supreme. Raven Software did nerf the semi-automatic tactical rifle, but players reckon it’s still a tad too good.

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Testing times, indeed, but that’s okay because we’ve wrangled up a guide on the best Warzone loadout to help you fight your way to victory.