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Best Warzone Tyr Akimbo Snake Shot loadout

Double up on your destruction, destroy your enemies, and dominate close-range firefights with our best Warzone Tyr Snakeshot loadout.

What is the best Tyr Snake Shot build? Do you know what’s better than one handheld shotgun? Two handheld shotguns. The Tyr is a handgun that hits hard, has range, and a high skill ceiling to use effectively – unless you add a certain type of ammunition that transforms it into a powerful, short-range, shotgun.

The current Warzone meta is skewing towards ranged weapons. The best BAS-B loadout is dominating firefights, and the best Warzone snipers are making a comeback, with the KATT AMR able to eliminate foes from eye-watering distances. All of these ranged loadouts need a solid secondary, though, and that’s where the Tyr comes in.

Best Warzone Tyr loadout: a handgun with a long barrel.

Best Warzone Tyr Snake Shot loadout

  • Barrel: ZIU-16 Heavy Long Barrel
  • Laser: CS15 Scarlet Mounted Laser
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo Tyr
  • Trigger Action: Ullr’s Fury
  • Ammunition: Snake Shot

The two attachments that make this loadout are the Akimbo Tyr and the Snake Shot ammunition – the ammunition transforms the handgun into an ultra-powerful shotgun, and when you add an extra gun into the mix, the Akimbo Snake Shot Tyr can one-shot enemies at close range.

The rest of the attachments are there to facilitate the damage, with the ZIU-16 Heavy Long Barrel extending the range, the CS15 Scarlet Mounted Laser reducing your sprint to fire time and the Ullr’s Fury trigger reducing the time between each shot – not that you’ll likely need follow-up shots.

There you have our best Tyr Snakeshot loadout, the perfect accompaniment to the best Warzone loadouts. If you don’t play aggressively enough to warrant these close-range behemoths, check out the best Warzone SMGs, which will offer you power, mobility, and a little extra range.