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Warzone Season 3 patch notes include new Caldera locations

Season three of Warzone: Pacific kicks off today, and the patch notes have arrived with all the details about new modes, weapon adjustments, and map changes

Operators flee through a small town as Godzilla emits a devastating breath ray behind them in Call of Duty: Warzone

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone – Pacific gets going today, and that means there will be a bunch of changes the next time you drop into Caldera for a good ol’ battle royale game or three. While King Kong and Godzilla won’t be showing up for another couple of weeks yet, some new locations on the island indicate that they’re no strangers to Caldera.

Season 3 brings the Iron Trials mode to Caldera. This mode beefs up operator base health, but limits regen and makes it take longer to kick in. There are no free loadout drops, buy station prices are increased, and it’s tougher to find big stacks of cash and rare and legendary weapons.

Caldera has changed quite a bit for Season 3. There’s a new gulag, located in the hold of a ship moored off the island’s coast. You’ll be able to watch each round from a series of catwalks overlooking the lower hull of the ship. The new Dig Site location can be found between the mine and the ruins, and it’s littered with heavy earth-moving equipment, supply boxes, and the skeletons of titanic beasts who once roamed the island.

Here’s the trailer:

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The Peak, Runway, and Lagoon locations have all gotten updates, and there’s a new stormy skybox over the island as well. Players can also find a new type of contract called Sabotage, which tasks teams with tracking down a target vehicle and destroying it. Complete a sabotage contract, and you’ll earn yourself an armoured truck deployment.

Season 3 also marks the arrival of Ricochet’s kernel-level anti-cheat driver in game clients for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The full patch notes include a list of weapon, perk, and gear adjustments made in the latest update.