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The best XRK Stalker loadout for Warzone

Our Warzone XRK Stalker loadout combines finesse with sheer destructive power and is the new go-to for any marksman worth their salt.

Best XRK Stalker loadout: a beige sniper rifle with a glowing outline atop a slightly blurred background depicting a fierce gunfight.

What is the best XRK Stalker loadout? Although sniping has never quite reached the heights it did back in Verdansk, we were treated to a new rifle with the release of the new Warzone season that just might change everything. The XRK Stalker doesn’t look especially menacing at first, but with our loadout, you can out-range and out-damage anything else that WZ has to offer.

With the Warzone new season now in full swing, we got a chance to nail down the XRK Stalker, and it easily drops into the category of best Warzone sniper rifles. Our loadout focuses on extending the range, and increasing bullet velocity so the explosive rounds can do their destructive work. Here is the best Warzone XRK Stalker loadout.

Best XRK Stalker loadout: a long beige rifle with a large scope.

Best Warzone XRK Stalker loadout

  • Muzzle: Bruen Counter-Ops
  • Barrel: Fission 60 Barrel
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV
  • Stock: Ural-M Stock
  • Ammunition: Explosive

The bulk of the XRK Stalker’s power – and why it’s capable of a one-shot down – comes from the Explosive ammunition we use in this loadout. This ammo, however, does slow bullet velocity down a tad, so to compensate for that, and push things out even further, we included the Bruen Counter-Ops and Fission 60 Barrel; both of these extend the damage range to nearly max.

The attachments used so far are reasonably heavy, and while the ADS speed of the XRK Stalker remains fairly snappy, the Schlager PEQ Box IV bumps that ADS speed while keeping the actual laser hidden from your enemies. You could opt for a brighter laser but be warned that it can give away your position quite easily. Lastly, the Ural-M Stock keeps your idle aim sway down to a minimum, so you can keep those shots on target with minimum effort.

If you’re still finding those long-range shots difficult to master, we would suggest swapping the Explosive rounds for High Velocity; it won’t have true one-shot power, but you’ll be hitting those distance targets with much more regularity. Two shots anywhere on the body should be enough to take your opponent down when not using Explosive ammunition.

That is the best Warzone XRK Stalker loadout and the one that we’ll be using year-round. If you’re after the perfect accompaniment to your sniper, try one of the best Warzone SMGS, or even the best Warzone assault rifles if you want to keep enemy squads at a constant range disadvantage.