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Call of Duty hints at a Modern Warfare 3 reveal, and it’s coming soon

Call of Duty developers have been posting jokes about the recently leaked upcoming Modern Warfare 3 game, and it looks like the official reveal is coming.

Call of Duty is a timeless series of FPS games, with new titles regularly dropping and pulling fans back in for more multiplayer shooter chaos. Players have been looking forward to an upcoming entry to Call of Duty, with many speculating that it could be Modern Warfare 3. While no official confirmation has been given, at least not in an explicit manner, the official social media accounts for the game have been posting amusing hints about recent Modern Warfare 3 leaks.

When Modern Warfare 3 leaked recently because of Monster Energy promotional packaging, Call of Duty’s social media team responded in the funniest way possible. They simply posted asking if anyone had an energy drink to spare, seemingly confirming that they knew about the leak. Since then, fans have been waiting for any official word on the upcoming game. The team has returned online once more to post yet another joke, this time poking fun at leaked art.

The supposed cover art for Modern Warfare 3 has been making its rounds online now following an update to the Call of Duty client which allowed players to find the images. The art matches up well with the previously leaked Monster Energy ads, showing an emotionless-looking Captain Price with an ominous figure standing and staring ahead behind him.

Tweet from Call of Duty's official account poking fun at the leaked Modern Warfare 3 art

Following the key art’s spread online, the Call of Duty team returned to Twitter with a funny parody post of the images. Attached to the post is a drawing of a stick person wearing a hat similar to Captain Price’s, with a gun in hand. “Modern Warfare Redacted?” can be found in a Comic Sans font above the stick figure. The background of the silly drawing is red, just like in the leaked cover art.

“Jokes on you, real key art here,” reads the post on Call of Duty’s official Twitter. “We’ll share our artistic abilities and even more next week,” they continue, implying that we may see an official reveal much sooner than expected. Keep your eyes peeled this upcoming week on Call of Duty’s social media because Modern Warfare 3 could finally receive a first look, whether it be in trailer form or more art.

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