Black Ops 2 gets its last round of new maps and a couple of iron giants in Apocalypse

Black Ops 2

I can confidently announce that no Call of Duty game will ever have a generic subtitle again. How do I know this? Because Treyarch have appended every single one of the usual rubbish suspects to its own piece of Black Ops 2 DLC: Vengeance, Uprising, Revolution, Origins in the form of a new Zombies map, and now the last name in the set: Apocalypse. They’re all used up.

Apocalypse is Origins, plus four new multiplayer maps. See them all shot upon in the latest video from Treyarch, reels still hot from wherever reels come from.

Either this trailer makes Apocalypse’s four new multiplayer maps appear more spacious than they really are, or there’s DICE bouncing above the dash of them thar humvees. There’s a touch of Battlefield at work, is what I’m getting at:

The giant AI robots are impressive in scale, but mostly serve to highlight the gulf between this and Titanfall – a multiplayer shooter made by a team who’ve learned countless lessons from CoD. Perhaps it’s for the best that Black Ops 2 is retired after this release. What do you reckon?

Apocalypse is out today on Xbox, which means we’ll get it in approximately a month.

Thanks, Shacknews.