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Chivalry 2’s day one player count “has exceeded even our highest expectations”

Looks like plenty of warriors are itching to take to the bloody battlefields, and Torn Banner is scrambling to keep up

Chivalry 2 Agatha knight holding a banner

If you’ve been looking forward to slashing your enemies with sword and halberd, or perhaps just throwing a fiery chicken at them, you may have to wait in line: medieval multiplayer game Chivalry II is out today, and it seems popular. It’s so popular, in fact, that servers have barely been able to keep up, and players have faced login errors and other connection problems.

It’s a bit hit or miss right now in Chivalry 2. Our day one tests have sometimes resulted in login errors, while other times we’ve been able to drop into big matches in a matter of seconds. Developer Torn Banner Studios says it’s resolved the login errors on all platforms, but it’s continuing to work on other matchmaking issues that players have reported.

“The number of players launching the game today has exceeded even our highest expectations,” the studio wrote in a tweet. “We will do our best to ensure you all can get in and play as soon as possible as our top priority.”

In the meantime, Torn Banner suggests that if matchmaking won’t connect you in your preferred mode, you can try jumping into an alternative gamemode for a match or two.

Some players who pre-ordered Chivalry 2, or purchased the special edition, have reported that their bonus in-game items have failed to appear. Torn Banner says it’s working on this issue, too – and that you can fill out a questionnaire if you’ve found yourself in this situation.

Launch day issues are extremely common for multiplayer games, and we’ve only run into a few hiccups so far in Chivalry 2. Connection problems will likely be ironed out in the next couple of days. Check out our Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide if you need a bit of newcomer’s orientation.