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The Cities Skylines 2 download size is even bigger than we thought

The Cities SKylines 2 download size was originally stated by Paradox to be 50 GB, but the latest CS2 system requirements say the city builder is much bigger.

Cities Skylines 2 download size: A huge downtown area in Paradox city building game Cities Skylines 2

The Cities Skylines 2 download size is bigger than Paradox previously said, with the new city builder and sequel to the original Cities Skylines set to occupy more than 50 GB of your hard drive. Although Game Pass subscribers can download the initial portion of Cities Skylines 2, Paradox has also said that a full Cities Skylines 2 preload will not be possible, as our own CS2 review outlines several technical issues with the new city builder.

In our Cities Skylines 2 review, we analyze a range of technical and performance problems that affect the city-building game. While Cities Skylines 2 builds on the original with many new tools and features, it suffers from freezes, stuttering, and texture problems. Now, based on updated Cities Skylines 2 system requirements, it seems the CS2 download size will be larger than Paradox previously said, as we near the sequel to the original Cities Skylines and the upcoming Cities Skylines 2 release date.

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Paradox previously announced that Cities Skylines 2 would be “about 50 GB at release.” The publisher also said it would not be able to offer preload, though it is possible to download a small portion of the management game ahead of launch, if you’re playing CS2 via Game Pass. The Cities Skylines 2 Steam requirements now say that the download size will be 60 GB rather than 50 GB, meaning it will occupy a larger amount of space on your hard drive.

Cities Skylines 2 download size: Cities Skylines 2 Steam specifications from city building game maker Paradox

The original Cities Skylines was only 4 GB, roughly 12.5 times smaller than the 50 GB slated by Paradox for Cities Skylines 2. Based on the new Steam requirements, Cities Skylines 2 is 15 times larger than its predecessor, and will likely take up more hard drive space as you download Cities Skylines 2 mods.

Nevertheless, there is much to enjoy in Paradox and Colossal Order’s latest, including the revamped and expanded Cities Skylines 2 maps. We also have details on all the pending Cities Skylines 2 DLC, so you can see how the game will evolve after launch.