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Cities Skylines 2 apparently includes a feature we thought was removed

The Cities Skylines 2 base game was originally confirmed to be missing a key building feature, but a new Colossal Order post hints it’s back for the CS2 launch.

Cities Skylines 2 contour lines: A Cities Skylines 2 roundabout in the new Colossal Order city building game

The Cities Skylines 2 base game comes with dozens of features that we wish we’d had in CS1. The traffic system has been overhauled so that cars use all lanes now, roundabouts are here, and building highway ramps has never been easier, to name but a few. But with the Cities Skylines 2 release date drawing near, it previously seemed like one key building feature would be missing from CS2. During a recent Colossal Order livestream, Cities Skylines 2 contour lines were confirmed to be absent at launch. A new post from the city building game creator however seems to suggest the opposite. Cities Skylines 2 contour lines might be a reality at launch after all.

Between Cities Skylines 2 maps and Cities Skylines 2 DLC, we’ve learned a lot about the upcoming management game sequel. Dynamic seasons, traffic accidents, and a much more detailed and in-depth economy – CS2 is shaping up to be the sequel we truly wanted.

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Nevertheless, Colossal Order recently said that contour lines, which help outline the different elevations and gradients in raw terrain, so you can choose where and how to build more accurately, would not be in the Cities Skylines 2 base game. It’s a very useful building feature, and one we’d sorely miss at launch. Now, however, it seems contour lines might be in CS2 at release after all.

In a new post on X, formerly Twitter, Colossal Order shares details regarding Cities Skylines 2 terraforming tools. Available right at the start of the game, these allow you to place trees and brush to create scenic areas and more. In the screenshot accompanying the post, however, if you look closely, you can see some very pretty contour lines.

Cities Skylines 2 contour lines: An image from city-building game maker Colossal Order showing Cities Skylines 2 contour lines

Potentially, this means contour lines will be in Cities Skylines 2 from the start. Alternatively, this shot might have been taken from an updated build of the game that will be released after the Cities Skylines 2 launch date. Either way, contour lines are coming, and if not at release, hopefully shortly after.

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