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Two-thirds of all Civilization 6 civs will get a rebalance in the 4X game’s April update

Firaxis confirm in a recent livestream that a major rework of civ balancing is coming

The Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack has just been released, but we’ve already been given a glimpse as to what’s coming later in the year for acclaimed 4X game Civilization VI. The latest New Frontier Pass pack is the penultimate release in this year-long run of micro-DLC packs, with the final pack due out in March.

In April, however, the developers at Firaxis have confirmed that they will be embarking on a sizable civilisation balance update. During their most recent developer livestream, they stated in chat that they plan to tackle roughly two-thirds of all of the civs currently in existence in Civ VI.

By the time the final New Frontier Pass pack releases, there’ll be 50 civs in the game in total, so we can expect to see changes to between 30-35 of them based on the dev’s original statement. There are plenty of Civ 6 civs that are strong across the victory types, but also plenty that aren’t so good, or who don’t combo that well with their respective Civ 6 leaders.

There are also some from the recent wave of new civs that feel overpowered, so perhaps some of the balance changes will aim at normalising these additions. There’s plenty of speculation on both CivFanatics, and the r/civ reddit thread where user ‘SemiLazyGamer’ managed to screen grab Firaxis’ comment.

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Check out what we know about the upcoming Vietnam civilisation, as well as new leader Kublai Khan in the Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack, which will release later today on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It will retail for $8.99 / £7.39.