Civ 6 gets its civilisations balance pass and trebuchets next week

The king of all war machines is finally coming to Civ 6... as well as some other stuff, I guess

April 22, 2021 The Civ 6 April balance patch is out now

The final free update of the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass is coming next week. This patch has been greatly anticipated, especially because it’s going to be doing a much-needed pass on many Civ 6 civilisations by tweaking the abilities of the Civ 6 leaders and the civs themselves.

When we looked into which civs the Civ 6 community wanted to see fixed, there wasn’t a lot of consensus, although certain ‘easy wins’ involve factions like Spain and Georgia. These two were confirmed as civilisations being targeted by the patch, along with Khmer, China, Mapuche, and Canada. The full list of civs and their respective changes will be revealed when the patch notes drop on release.

Also included in the new, free update are three new military units: Line Infantry, Men-at-Arms, and the long-requested fan favourite, the Trebuchet. Military units across the board have also been rebalanced to account for the extra soldiers. The AI has also been given an upgrade on how it handles naval units.

Last, but not least, two new map seeds will be introduced to the game: True Start Mediterranean and True Start Huge Map. You can catch highlights from the developer update below – no crazy costumes this time, sadly:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s worth noting that while the April update is free, some of the changes being brought in – especially to civs – may apply to civilisations that you need to purchase via DLC. Firaxis will be doing a community livestream at 7pm BST on Wednesday, April 21. The Civ 6 April balance will release on Thursday, April 22.