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Civilization 6 is really super cheap right now - but you’ll need to be quick

If this isn't the cheapest the strategy game has ever been, it's not far off

With the New Frontier Pass done and dusted as of earlier this year, there’s never been a better time to pick up Civilization VI. The year-long run of micro-expansions and free updates – with the final April patch taking a big swing at Civ 6’s civilisation balance – has left the 4X game in a pretty good state.

If you’re still on the fence about it, though, even after all these years since release, perhaps an aggressively priced sales event will help you? On Steam at least, the 85% reduction is one of the best in the strategy game’s five-year history, beaten only by that free weekend in July 2020. That’s $8.99 / £7.49, in case you didn’t want to do the math, though that’s just for the base game.

Head on over to Civ VI’s Steam page, and you’ll see that two primary bundles are also going very cheap. The Platinum Edition – which is everything released for Civilization VI up to and including the Gathering Storm expansion – is 91% off. The recently released Civ VI Anthology – basically the Platinum collection plus everything from the New Frontier Pass – is 86% off. Whichever way you cut it, there’s a deal to be had for new Civ 6 players.

The only people who don’t really benefit from the current sale are perhaps completionists who haven’t got everything from the New Frontier Pass.

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Neither the pass itself nor the individual packs are discounted as part of this sale, so if you’re interested in those you may need to wait a bit longer for those expansions to go on sale.

We’re all waiting to see what Firaxis’ Civilization team is working on next, whether it’s Civilization 7 or something else. The Xcom team – as we now know – is working on Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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Fans of Civilization can always try out Old World or Humankind while they wait for further news. The sale is due to end tomorrow, around 10am PST / 6pm BST /  1pm EST.