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WW2 XCOM game gets some cool new secret agent gear

Classified France '44's second DLC is out now, and it adds a new stealthy map and some spy-worthy equipment for your resistance fighters.

Get ready to head back behind enemy lines, because Classified France ’44 now has its second DLC, and it’s all about subterfuge. The new Agent pack adds new covert ops missions on a new map, as well as a selection of spy-appropriate gear for your resistance fighters.

Classified: France ’44 is a turn-based strategy game set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Commanding a team of commandos known as the Jedburghs, your job is to work alongside local French resistance fighters to soften Nazi defenses prior to the Allied landing on D-Day.

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The Agent pack adds a new map to the campaign. It’s called Radar, and it’ll be the location for two new Special Ops missions, Over Hill Under Hill and Make Every Kill Count.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go in empty handed: the pack also includes the Winchester M12 trench shotgun (great for when a clandestine meeting goes pear-shaped) and the Beretta M1934 ‘compact’ handgun, which fires a .308 ACP round and is easier to conceal. Round out your spy loadout with the new female Resistance “Agent” jacket, which provides a -1 AP discount to aimed fire.

The pack arrives alongside a free update for the base game, which includes reduced mission load times, better UI for factions flags, and a number of significant adjustments to many of the main campaign missions. Developer Absolutely Games says that if you’ve saved in the middle of a mission, you’ll continue to see the old layout until you finish the mission (and re-select it on the campaign map) or restart it.

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