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One of 2023’s best indie games is dirt cheap, get it while you can

Limbo and Inside developer Jeppe Carlsen's stunning 10/10 indie gem Cocoon is on sale right now, but you'll have to grab it quickly.

Cocoon sale: A bright red circle with an ominous dark presence behind it, with seemingly glowing eyes

Cocoon is stunning, standing as one of last year’s most genre-defining indie games. Geometric Interactive and Annapurna Interactive’s little puzzle adventure is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also a good blend of challenging mysteries to solve and exploration-based gameplay. If you haven’t experienced its whimsical worlds, you can give the Limbo and Inside developer’s game a go now for cheap during its limited-time Steam sale.

Jeppe Carlsen is the brilliant mind behind Limbo, its successor Inside, and now, Cocoon. The developer’s indie games all have near-perfect or 10/10 ratings on Steam, speaking to both his talent and the unmissable experiences within his creative work. Cocoon is his latest, and it’s already won two big awards at both the Golden Joystick Awards as well as The Game Awards 2023. It’s also up for six other titles, including one for GOTY, at the DICE Awards.

In our own roundup of the PC games of the year 2023, we list Cocoon in our top ten picks thanks to its unique puzzle adventure gameplay and its “mind-bending story.” With its journey through worlds within worlds and its intricate mechanics, it’s difficult to describe Cocoon as anything but “brilliant.”

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If you’re considering hopping into the world-shattering Cocoon yourself, you can buy it on Steam right now for 30% off at just $17.49 / £14.69. You can look to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and its 10/10 rating if our verdict hasn’t yet convinced you to give it a go. Remember, you can always refund games on Steam if you feel that something isn’t quite up your alley after all.

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