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Company of Heroes 3’s Total War-like map has been improved by fan feedback

Detachments and emplacements have changed a lot on the Company of Heroes 3 campaign map - here's how.

The Company of Heroes 3 campaign map is changing based on Alpha feedback

SEGA and Relic’s upcoming RTS Company of Heroes 3 is introducing a grand strategy-lite campaign map similar to the Total War series, and the team is improving it “based on feedback” from the game’s various Alphas – with changes to unit detachments and vehicle emplacements highlighted in a recent blog post.

The latest in the respected World War Two strategy game series, Company of Heroes 3 still doesn’t have a firm release date beyond “2022” but has run several playable Alphas for fans to try out and leave feedback on. According to developer Relic in a recent post, the team has started implementing “big changes to address feedback” – and goes into detail on one area that’s already been updated.

Previously, unit detachments and vehicle emplacements acted independently on the campaign map and could make their own actions. Now, Relic has changed this so up to three detachments can be placed and “permanently embedded in your companies” – and can be used to construct powerful defensive emplacements.

The various detachments are used to “strengthen your company, support other companies, and defend important locations” – such as medics, repair engineers, and anti-air camps – but Relic underlines that they’re not controllable units. However, certain detachments can make specific emplacement structures – the anti-air detachment, for example, can place the stationary Bofors anti-air emplacement to protect the skies.

“Companies with detachments are stronger in both mission and skirmish gameplay,” Relic says, giving players an extra starting squad and increasing the player’s chance of “automatically winning a skirmish against an enemy company”.

The Company of Heroes 3 alpha was already a lot of fun to play and it seems the game is getting better for it. Who knows, when it comes out it could end up on our list of the best RTSs on PC – just like its forebears.