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This co-op horror game about astronaut YouTubers is free, but hurry

Content Warning is a new, goofy survival co-op game about traveling to weird worlds and filming spooky things, and it's free until tomorrow.

Content Warning free Steam game

You’ve got until tomorrow to snag a hot new contender to the Lethal Company throne for free. Content Warning is a similarly structured game about getting your friends together, traveling to a scary location, and trying to find something valuable before being horribly murdered in the dark, and it’s a free Steam game for you to keep until tomorrow morning, April 2.

If you’ve played Lethal Company, you have a basic idea of the premise of Content Warning. In this co-op horror game, you play as a group of explorers who start out in a charming, colorful world with one mission in mind: become famous on a video streaming platform. To do that, your brilliant plan is to get everyone into a diving bell and travel to “the Old World,” which is a dark, black-and-white dimension full of SCP-style horrors. All you have to do is get some spooky footage and make it back alive.

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You’ll want to film as many terrifying things as you can before you run out of camera batteries and, perhaps more importantly, oxygen. These come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and range from lethal laser beams to haunted dolls, and even include tentacled monstrosities that will chase you down on sight.

Get back to the diving bell with your footage, then upload your footage to SpookTube – and once you do that, you can watch the money start rolling in from the safety and comfort of your living room sofa. That is, at least until you have to head back down to get some fresh material. Next time, though, you’ll be able to use some of that ad revenue you’ve earned to buy better gear and maybe – MAYBE – stay alive a bit longer.

Like Lethal Company, Content Warning is made specifically for co-op fun with friends and works amazingly well as a spectator game for Twitch, so it’s easy to see this becoming the hot new thing for the next few months. If you miss the free window, you’ll be able to buy it on Steam for $7.99 USD or your regional equivalent. The giveaway ends April 2 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.

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