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Corsair and Gigabyte join forces to control all your gaming PC RGB

With iCUE support in its Control Center software, you can now control your Gigabyte RGB lighting with Corsair iCUE, and vice versa.

Corsair and Gigabyte have banded together to ensure that you can now control your motherboard and graphics card RGB lighting from iCUE, enabling you to properly sync up all the lights in your gaming PC. One of the long-running difficulties when getting the most from your RGB-enabled gaming gear has been getting kit from different vendors to work together.

With Corsair offering among the most wide-ranging and widely-adopted selection of RGB lighting kit, its iCUE software and compatible hardware is a go-to option for many users, but Corsair doesn’t yet make motherboards. As a result, plug-ins have been available to control Asus and MSI RGB lighting in iCUE for a while now, and now Gigabyte has signed up too.

That means you’ll soon be able to use Corsair iCUE to control your Gigabyte motherboard’s lighting, enabling you to sync up your colors and lighting effects with your Corsair memory, AIO cooler, and more, if you have them. This will still require Gigabyte Control Center (GCC) to be installed on your system, though, as it requires the SDK provided by that software for iCUE to communicate to your motherboard.

Alternatively, you can also now control all your iCUE gear with Gigabyte’s Control Center (GCC) software, syncing up your motherboard RGB with the rest of your system. However, given the wider range of effects and flexibility available in iCUE, we’d opt for using iCUE instead.

Corsair iCUE Gigabyte RGB lighting plugin screenshot

Gigabyte is the latest in a long line of companies to integrate support into iCUE, with Asus, MSI, Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and Govee products all able to work with the software. This means you can now control your room lighting, motherboard lighting (from nearly all the major vendors), Corsair cases, fans, peripherals, and more from one app.

Combine this support with the potential color coordination provided by the new Corsair Custom Lab peripheral pattern picker and you could really complete the look of your system. Corsair says that support for Gigabyte motherboards will be coming to iCUE in June 2024.

Corsair and Gigabyte’s new collaboration was announced alongside Custom Lab at Computex, where we’re on the show floor getting hands on with all the latest gear, including the latest Asus AMD laptops and Nvidia’s promising-looking new G-Assist AI gaming assist demo. Check out our Computex story hub for all the latest news.