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Corsair’s new wood and white PC gaming desk looks gorgeous

It hasn't even been announced yet, but we saw Corsair's new Platform:4 gaming desk on show at Computex 2024, and it looks very fine.

corsair platform 4 gaming desk 01

Corsair has shown off and announced a host of new hardware at its booth at Computex 2024, but one product that hasn’t been mentioned at all that still caught our eye is the Corsair Platform:4 gaming desk.

The new Corsair desk gets its name from the fact that it’s just four feet wide, unlike the six feet wide Corsair Platform:6. But perhaps more notably, this new, smaller best gaming desk contender is available in an option other than black, with this wood and white option looking very fine to our eyes.

corsair platform 4 gaming desk 02

This lends the desk a far more relaxed, airy, vibe than the dark and gloomy black option of before. Otherwise, from what we gather – it’s not an official release yet, after all – it’s essentially an identical desk, with the same electric lift option, the same T-channel rails at the back and side, and resultingly all the same modularity that came with the Platform:6.

corsair platform 4 gaming desk 03

The desk was being shown off here with all the new Elgato Neo range of streaming products, making for a setup that’s altogether more approachable and affordable than the previous desk or non-Neo Elgato range. If you’re after a setup that’s more for a smart home office with occasional gaming, it could well be just what you’re after.

corsair platform 4 gaming desk 05

We don’t have word on pricing or the release date yet, but we would certainly expect it to be a little cheaper than the larger desk. However, the surface size of gaming desks often isn’t always the most significant factor when it comes to cost, so the saving might not be all that much.

corsair platform 4 gaming desk 04

For now, all we really need to know is just where Corsair got that nifty little pot plant holder…

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