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CS2 players beware, new AMD feature “will result in a VAC ban”

Valve has just issued a warning to Counter-Strike 2 players regarding AMD's latest driver and how its new anti-lag feature conflicts with CS2, causing VAC bans.

Counter-Strike 2 AMD VAC ban: Two men wearing green ski masks and military gear hold their guns up, a desert cityscape behind them

Counter-Strike 2 has finally arrived after years of fan anticipation, replacing Valve’s previous entry, the ever-beloved Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Since CS2 launched, Valve has worked hard to release steady updates addressing any in-game bugs and issues. While most problems are minor or easily resolved, some can prove more difficult to address and may even result in permanent VAC  bans.

If you’re a long-time Valve fan and are playing Counter-Strike 2 yourself, then you likely know that the most severe punishment you can get for cheating is a VAC ban. The FPS game doesn’t take tampering lightly. Unfortunately, CS2 has issued some recent VAC bans due to a driver-related problem and not a user error.

AMD customers with the latest driver may have noticed its new anti-lag feature, now available for CS2. Valve has just revealed that anyone using it with the shooter could unintentionally end up with a VAC ban. The developer’s message came shortly after the recent Counter-Strike 2 update.

Valve begins its explanation of the issue, saying, “AMD’s latest driver has made their ‘Anti-Lag/+’ feature available for CS2 which is implemented by detouring engine dll functions.” Due to how AMD’s anti-lag function clashes with the game’s code, customers using the feature will end up with an immediate VAC ban on their Steam account.

Valve's official warning about the AMD-related VAC bans

“If you are an AMD customer and play CS2,” Valve warns, “DO NOT ENABLE ANTI-LAG/+.” The dev explains that “any tampering with CS code will result in a VAC ban.” Usually, even Valve itself can’t lift such bans as they are permanent.

The official Steam Support page describes them as means of a “non-negotiable” anti-cheat system that “cannot be removed by Steam Support.”  Valve’s website also states that any updated system drivers, “such as video card drivers,” should not trigger a VAC ban.

“Once AMD ships an update,” Valve declares that it will “do the work of identifying affected users” to reverse any driver-related bans. The team has also tagged AMD in its post to flag the issue with the semiconductor company. As of now, AMD hasn’t responded or released a driver update.

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