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Counter-Strike 2 is hiding a very secret Half-Life reference

Counter-Strike 2, the upcoming FPS game and follow up to CSGO, contains a very subtle reference to Half-Life and Gordon Freeman, smuggled in by Valve.

Counter-Strike 2 and Half-Life – two pillars of the PC FPS game. While the long-awaited sequel to CSGO is expected to arrive later this year, Half-Life 3 remains a myth, an essence, a shooter that exists only in theory, and embodies all of our departed videogame dreams. But it seems that Valve hasn’t forgotten Half-Life and its silent hero Gordon Freeman entirely, as Counter-Strike 2 seemingly contains a very subtle, very secret reference to the world of City 17 and Black Mesa. All you have to do is look very, very closely.

It’s been a busy time for Counter-Strike, ever since the CS2 limited test kicked off back in March. Player counts have jumped, the Paris Major has kicked off – we’ve even seen a significant crash in CSGO case prices. But if you just stop, step back, and take the time to examine the new Source 2 models up close, there’s a pretty neat secret.

Discovered by Valve aficionado and YouTuber ‘Richter Overtime,’ the models for the dual Berettas in CS2 have an inscription on the inside of the barrel. There’s the logo, a nod to the manufacturer, and tucked away in the middle, another name: ‘Gordon F.’ You can see it in the image below:

Counter-Strike 2 is hiding a very secret Half-Life reference: A close-up image of a handgun from Valve FPS game Counter-Strike 2 highlighting the name Gordon Freeman

Almost certainly, this is a reference to Gordon Freeman, and although the iconic, unspeaking physicist never used a Beretta pistol in Half-Life or Half-Life 2, in Valve’s official HD model pack for the original game, the Glock handgun is indeed changed to the same 92FS weapon found in CS2.

The frantic optimist in me wants to scream, ‘Half-Life 3 confirmed!’ But I’m older, wiser, and made sensible now by almost 20 years of waiting, so I’ll just say it’s nice to know Valve hasn’t forgotten good old Gordon. And who knows? A few months ago, Counter-Strike 2 felt like nothing more than a conspiracy theory, and now here we are…

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