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Valve might make Counter-Strike 2 matches shorter

The new Counter-Strike 2 patch disables competitive and private matches and adds a favorite map, as Valve seemingly overhauls the CSGO sequel to shorten games.

Counter-Strike 2 patch: A soldier in tactical gear fires a gun in Valve FPS game CSGO

The latest Counter-Strike 2 patch potentially signals a drastic overhaul to game length in the Valve shooter, as competitive and private matches are disabled, and a fan-favorite map is added to the CSGO, FPS game sequel. With the Counter-Strike 2 release date likely on the horizon, it seems Valve is reinventing how competitive games will work by lowering the amount of rounds and cutting one alternate mode entirely. The Counter-Strike 2 limited test also gets some revised character models and adjustments to the all-important smoke grenades.

The official Counter-Strike 2 patch notes outline that private and competitive matchmaking has temporarily been disabled. Two Counter-Strike 2 maps, Anubis and Ancient, have been removed, while fan-favorite Italy has been added to the current rotation. There are new character models for the hostages, and Counter-Strike 2 smokes have been adjusted to provide different cloud shapes when deployed.

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Digging deeper, however, it seems that Valve may be planning a drastic overhaul to Counter-Strike 2 competitive matches. Currently, competitive games last 30 rounds, meaning the first team to reach 16 victories wins the game overall. But in files pertaining to the new update, under competitive games, the max number of rounds is listed as 24. This would mean shorter competitive matches where the first team to 13, not 16, would emerge victorious.

The files, unearthed and shared by Valve and CSGO content creator ‘Aquaismissing,’ also hint at the removal of the shorter version of competitive matchmaking, which offers 16 rounds, with the first team to nine wins declared the winner.

Counter-Strike 2 patch: A collection of tweets suggesting that Valve may be shortening games in FPS game Counter-Strike 2

Competitive matchmaking in Counter-Strike follows similar rules and structures to professional CSGO tournaments, allowing players to experience or practice in esports conditions. Potentially, these changes will be established once competitive and private matchmaking are re-enabled in Counter-Strike 2.

As we wait for CS2’s arrival, get the full Counter-Strike 2 system requirements that we expect to be announced by Valve. You might also want to try some of the other best free Steam games, if you want a break from the CSGO battlefield.