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Counter-Strike 2 update improves quality of life ahead of full release

Counter-Strike 2 isn't here just yet, but Valve has released a new quality-of-life update for players with access to the CS2 limited test.

Counter-Strike 2 update: Three masked men holding guns stand in differing positions beside each other

Counter-Strike 2 is already one of the most highly anticipated FPS games ever, with Valve working hard to release its CSGO sequel soon. The developer has opened up the limited beta test to more and more players over time, giving fans a bite-sized taste of the full game that’s yet to come. If you’ve been playing Counter-Strike 2 and exploring its limited test yourself, then you’ll be excited to learn that yet another new update has just dropped. This one adds some much-needed multiplayer features to make your quality of life in CS2 better.

Ahead of the Counter-Strike 2 release date, Valve has launched another patch for its limited test. This time around, the game sees some improvements made to its online options. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the players with Counter-Strike 2 beta access, then you know how annoying voice chat can be sometimes. Depending on a player’s microphone, their voice could be coming in way too loud or even too quiet.

You can now adjust each player’s volume individually. That’s not all, though. If you’ve been having issues with animated avatars, you can also opt to disable them. Other fixes include tweaks for all of the currently shipped maps, adjustments to items and weapons, changes to the Premier matchmaking mode, and more. If you’re particularly sensitive to sound effects, you’ll also notice a variety of in-game audio changes.

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Counter-Strike 2 patch notes – Wednesday, September 13,  2023

You can view the full Counter-Strike 2 patch notes for a more in-depth look at the limited test changes courtesy of Valve on Steam, or see our roundup of them below. This update hopefully adds the game’s finishing touches and brings us a little bit closer to CS2’s full release.


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps


  • Various fixes for molotov/incendiary grenades
  • Various fixes for smoke grenades
  • Fixed damage indicators for fire damage
  • Adjusted first-person sniper contrails to reflect shot accuracy
  • Various adjustments to lag compensation
  • Replaced player elevation indicators on the radar with look directions

Premier matchmaking

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements


  • Audio mix changes and tweaks
  • Lowered occlusion and distance effects for gunfire, footsteps, and reloads
  • Slight increase in stereo spread
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect footstep and jump land sounds would play on elevated edges
  • Fixed a bug where music would stop playing at the end of deathmatch


  • Changed armor number in the buy menu from the amount you currently have to the amount you can buy
  • Various fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers
  • Water rendering performance improvements
  • Added nametag positions for all knife models
  • Allow adjusting individual player voice volumes
  • Various HUD bug fixes and tweaks
  • Added option to disallow animated avatars

While you wait for the full version of the new Valve FPS to release, read up on all of the Counter-Strike 2 maps for a better understanding of where you’ll be playing, and check out the best CS2 crosshair codes tom target your enemies effectively. Alternatively, look through a few of these other thrilling multiplayer games to enjoy with your friends until CS2 drops.