CS:GO update brings a batch of changes to Anubis and Mutiny maps

The two CS:GO maps have received a batch of updates in the shooter's latest patch

Two of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s maps have received a fresh batch of updates. Developer Valve has posted patch notes for a new update that introduces a bunch of tweaks and tinkerings to the CS:GO maps Anubis and Mutiny, which were both added to some of the FPS game’s official matchmaking pools earlier this year.

For Anubis, the studio has introduced changes to the map’s spawn points, as well as some visual changes and a handful of bug fixes. The Ancient Egyptian temple-inspired Anubis map’s spawn points have been shifted “slightly apart from each other” to enable “better movement”. The dev has also added some grenade clips onto “short A for smoothing bouncing” as well as fixed some minor “nitpicking stuff” on the multiplayer game’s radar. It’s not quite clear what this stuff is from the notes, but it sounds like a little tidy-up to improve clarity.

The map’s various bug fixes address hiccups with things like “invisible prop faces, gun falling through props, floating props, invisible brush faces, [and] props z-fighting” the developer says in the notes.

As for the tropical island Mutiny map, the biggest change is an “overhauled T o A site layout”. Alongside this, the dev’s re-textured and improved the visual fidelity of some portions of the map – such as the church bricks and floors across the whole map – as well as improved its performance with some adjusted prop fade distances, and “fixed various minor bugs”.

Some “dark spots” that have appearing in the place of the map’s foliage when using “low shader settings” have also been sorted out.

Details on how these changes will appear in-game are pretty sparse from the notes (which you can find in full here), so you’ll have to go get stuck in to get a good look for yourself, now that the patch should be live. You can also take a look at our CS:GO smokes and CS:GO tips guides if you’re keen for some pointers.