Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.4 ‘Azure’ improves warfare, traits, and interactions

Plenty of quality of life changes across traits, warfare, and character interactions in the latest CK3 patch

A late game political map shot from Crusader Kings 3

The latest patch for Crusader Kings III is here. Update 1.4.0 ‘Azure’ brings many quality of life changes and fixes, some of which – such as traits – we’ve talked about already. The first steps towards enabling more same-sex relationships have also been taken, with Azure allowing modders to support same-sex concubinage.

Generally, Azure touches on a wide range of areas to make your character’s journey through the medieval grand strategy game more immersive, with a specific focus on character interactions and warfare quality of life. You can now raise Men-at-Arms units independently, without having to raise your levies at the same time. Every ruler at the start of the game also begins with some Men-at-Arms already hired, and garrisons are also more dynamic.

Other highlights include presets for game rules and character finder criteria, a new ‘Meet Peers’ interaction for children so they can forge bonds with other young characters, and changes to faction behaviour to make them more realistic and impactful. There’s plenty of bug fixes as well, such as ‘spindly’ characters no longer being literal tree people and a fix for the High Kingdom of the North Sea from the Northern Lords expansion.

A new Steam open beta will be rolling out specifically for multiplayer soon as well, with more information available on the dedicated beta sub forum. Patch 1.4.1 comes with a bunch of MP stability improvements that are not quite ready for prime time just yet.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting more news regarding Crusader Kings III’s next DLC, Royal Court, which will give you your own 3D throne room to play around in, as well as introducing equipable items and artefacts.