Crusader Kings 3 is about to make you compete with the Black Death

Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3 is coming this year, bringing you the option to become a wandering legend, or try and outlast the Black Death.

Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3

Paradox Interactive has revealed more of what’s coming in Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3, and oh boy, there are a couple of really fascinating additions on the way. Your characters can have more influence from the grave, something that’s sure to breed some chaos, and you can eschew being defined by borders, if you’d like to start a cult or something.

Coming into four years since launching Crusader Kings 3 has firmly established itself as one off the best strategy games available. Where else can you build an empire, then completely ruin it over the course of generations in just a few small decisions? Chapter 3 is about to make the grand strategy game even more grand and potentially disastrous, and it kicks off soon.

To start, we have the Legends of the Dead, a feature whereby through propaganda and the use of influential chroniclers, you can make sure a particular regime echoes through the annals of time. This isn’t without a price though, because this particular content comes with the Black Death, something that threatens all aspects of life, including your bloodline.

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Besides that, there’s a major expansion that includes the Byzantine Empire, where you can take charge of Constantinople. You can live through the history of the period as a standard leader, or become an “adventurer for hire” who wanders freely. A fascinating twist on the Crusader Kings 3 outline.

“We’ve been working hard on trying to find ways to introduce major
historical content like the Black Death and the Byzantine Empire’s distinct form of government into Crusader Kings 3, and we know that our fans have been wanting these as well,” Alex Oltner, game director on Cruasder Kings 3, said in a press release. “Chapter 3 promises to be one of the biggest phases in the game’s history.”

It all kicks off on March 4, with Legends of the Dead, then other features will arrive throughout the year. Chapter 3 will run you $43.98/£38.48/€43.98. I’d keep September 20 marked in your diary too, that’s the fourth anniversary, so there’ll probably be more surprises around then too.

If you’re a lapsed player and want to shake off the cobwebs before you check out Chapter 3, our lists of the best Crusader Kings 3 mods and the Crusader Kings 3 DLC will get you started. Just don’t trust anyone too much!

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