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How to change the capital city in Crusader Kings 3

Is your capital location less than ideal? Here's how to move it

crusader kings 3 big map

How do you move your capital city in CK3? By now you’re probably hours into the next Crusader Kings game and all its strategy and planning as you slowly establish your realm and expand your empire. It’s about this time that you realise how important the location of your capital city is in CK3, it’s the centre of your empire and everything you’ve built spins on its security. If the capital falls, so will your kingdom.

If that’s not incentive enough, your realm’s capital will also provide bonuses in tax, loot, and levies. If the placement of your capital means it’s exposed to attacks or vulnerable to infiltration, then you should think about moving it elsewhere. You also need to bear in mind CK3 succession laws when handling your capital city, utilised correctly it can be a handy way to control heir inheritance and the power of your capital moving down the family lineage.

Whether you want to change the location of your capital for financial gain or defensive positioning, luckily the process is relatively simple. So, here’s how you move the capital city in CK3.

How to change your CK3 capital city

  • Choose the desired province where you want to move your capital
  • Choose the ‘Move Realm Capital here’ option (it’s the small crown next to the county’s name)
  • Confirm by selecting ‘Move’

That’s how you change capital city locations in CK3. It’s wise to surround your Capital with land and fortify it with defenses to ensure its security. If you want other tips on optimising your strategy in CK3, check out our Crusader Kings 3 beginner’s guide, as well as our CK3 character creation guide, and everything you need to know about how to raid in CK3.