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Crusader Kings 3 will finally add knights, making warfare much more interesting

Paradox has a new video out that summarises the last for Crusader Kings 3 development diaries

Over its nearly eight-year run, Crusader Kings II expanded to include many aspects of medieval life and politics that weren’t included in the original game. However, even as its political and strategic complexity grew, it was always missing one crucial element of the Middle Ages: Knights. That’s changing in Crusader Kings III, which is rebuilding the series’ combat system to be more interesting and – hopefully – chivalrous.

In a new video posted by Paradox Interactive, community developer Rodrigue Delrue summarises the four Crusader Kings III development diaries published by the team in November. These cover a wide variety of planned features, ranging from the way dynasties and houses work to new construction and development. Warfare is handled in a diary posted November 12, which gets into some detail on some new systems you’ll be able to bring to bear in Crusader Kings III’s wars.

Knights are perhaps the most interesting addition to Crusader Kings III’s combat system. While you’ll still have the infantry levies raised by your vassals, you’ll also have certain vassals and courtiers who have a high ‘Prowess’ skill, and these can be appointed as knights who fight in your armies. Game director Henrik Fahraeus explains in the video below that a knight with a Prowess of 18 fights with the strength of 18 men, for example.

Here’s the video:

Fahraeus says the goal for Crusader Kings III was to add characters wherever they had been missing in Crusader Kings II.

“An obvious omission, I think, was the knight,” he says. “You think of knights in shining armour when you think of medieval times, so we put them in.”

You’ll be limited to a certain number of knights, but that number can change in various ways – increasing your influence and renown being the most obvious way to draw more of them to your banner.

In addition to knights, you’ll also be able to hire professional soldiers in the form of men-at-arms, who have various specialisations like siege weapons or a proficiency with specific terrain types.

Crusader Kings III is set for release sometime next year.